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From MB <code...@googlemail.com>
Subject RE: Memory problems with 1.5.0?
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 15:28:19 GMT
I have now confirmed that the issues my customer had are related to 
using/not using temporary directories.

Not using directories increased the memory usage of a web application 
from 120 MB to 800 MB while manipulating a PDF of mere 7 MB in size.

PDFBox is not used to render the PDF, nor are features like text 
extraction used. PDFBox is used to parse the PDF including the page 
content streams, making some manipulations to the content and then saved 
back to disk.

I don't think that this usage should trigger such an increase of memory. 
Usually, it's decoding of images into bitmaps that could explain high 
memory usage, maybe this is done unnecessarily in 1.5.0 in the scenario 



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