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From Thomas Chojecki <i...@rayman2200.de>
Subject Re: Digital signature with PDFBox?
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2010 07:50:04 GMT

Zitat von Ken Bowen <kbowen@als.com>:

Hi Ken,

we use in our company for 3 month an own implementation for  
signatures. For pdfbox it's just an additional interface. This  
interface provide one methode "public byte[] sign(InputStream)" which  
need to be implemented and pass to pdfbox.

My problem is, i haven't so much time to split my implementation in  
piecec and public it over jira. An other problem is, that this code  
base on the pdf box 1.2 and i need to merg it with the head of the  
repository. The third is, i have a colloquium next weeks and don't  
want to change or update this implementation.

There are also some nasty design issues i can't handle rigth now. But  
it works just great :)


> Thomas,
> I would be very, very interested in a digital signature capability in PDFBox.
> 1.  Can I find out what you plan?
> 2.  Perhaps I can offer to help?
> Regards,
> Ken Bowen
> On Nov 25, 2010, at 4:44 AM, Thomas Chojecki wrote:
>> Hi Eric,
>> this isn't supportet right now. An implementation will come soon.  
>> Hopefuly this year ;)
>> Best regards,
>> Thomas
>> Zitat von Eric Chow <eric138@gmail.com>:
>>> Hello,
>>> How can I sign a PDF using PDFBox-1.3.1?
>>> Would you please to show me a simple example?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Eric

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