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From Alan Kent <ALAN.J.K...@saic.com>
Subject Adding sticky notes, audio comments, to a PDF document compatible with Acrobat
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 01:40:55 GMT

I am new to this list.  I tried to search through the mail archives, but 
could not find this particular query coming up before.

I am trying to understand the complexity of solving the following 
problem using PDFbox (or any other technology!).

I wish to have a Java program that programatically manipulates a PDF 
document to add Acrobat compatible sticky notes and audio comments to a 
PDF file.  I believe it should be possible using Adobe Acrobat and OLE, 
but this is a pain from Java.  I was hoping it was possible using your 

The situation is I have another system that generates comments.  I have 
details like page number bit pixel offsets on the page for a note.  I 
would like to add bitmap image and/or audio notes (and text at times) to 
a PDF document in a way users are familiar with.  Compatible to Acrobat 
would be good.

Is this something possible with the PDFbox library?

I found a reference (forgot to save the URL darn it!) talking about this 
could be done in Acrobat 10 - the illustration given was for the 
educational organizations marking student assignments and putting audio 
comments onto the PDF document instead of just text.  Not sure what 
level of PDF was required.

Thanks for any assistance!


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