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From "info@lehmi.de" <i...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: Someone with 0.8.0 willing to help?
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 12:49:02 GMT
Bradley V. Stone schrieb:
>> When I started with generating pdf documents I didn't understand the
>> landscape stuff, too. But obviously it is as described:
>> - mediabox with portrait parms
>> - rotation with 90 degrees
>> - everthing has to be rotated with a rotation-matrix Tm or cm command
>> I'll send you a simple sample document, so that you'll have a suitable
>> example for your implementation.
>> Andreas
> Not working as easy as I thought.  :)
> 0 12 -12 0 91.74 69.8905 Tm
scaleX, shearY , shearX , scaleY, translationX, translationY
> This is the TM, and I understand what everything is, but for 12 and -12
> (text rotation and text inclination) how are those numbers being derived?
I've needed my time to understand the whole matrix thing. but I think
I've got the point.

The amount of 12 is used for the font scaling. In my document and in
many other documents too, the font size is set to 1 (see Tf operator).
The real fontsize is indirectly set by using the rotation factor of the
If only rotation values of Math.PI/2 are used, the rotation values will
be a combination of +/-1

> I tried changing my Tm similarily and it messed something up because the
> text no longer was visable in the document.  I changed my x,y to 0 and 0 for
> left bottom, media box to portrait, and rotate to 90.  Then started playing
> with rotation and inclination numbers.  1 and -1 made it look like 45
> degrees, but the font got "bigger" and started going off the page.
> The PDF spec really doesn't explain this so well, so I'm kinda stuck again.
> :(
I guess they presume that everyone knows the mathematics about the
matrix stuff. :-(


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