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From Andreas Lehmkuehler <andr...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: CFF Type 2 -> Type 1
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2014 11:59:18 GMT
Am 04.01.2014 03:39, schrieb John Hewson:
> Hi All
> I’ve been working on the Type1/2 CharString parsing code in connection to https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/PDFBOX-1691
I’m working on implementing the “seac” command to fix the issue. However, I've noticed
that the Type 2 handling code in CharStringRenderer is never used, instead Type 2 char strings
are always first converted to Type 1 using CharStringConverter before being passed to CharStringRenderer.
In fact, the Type 2 handling code in CharStringRenderer is also broken, attempts to actually
use it result in illegal state when drawing to the GeneralPath.
> I’d like to remove the broken Type 2 code from CharStringRenderer so that it handles
only Type 1 char strings and then Type 2 char strings would always be converted to Type 1
before processing (as is currently the case, in practice). First I wanted to ask if there
was some reason that there are two sets of Type 2 handling code and is this something that
there was another plan for?
I tried to understand the cff parser some time ago, but I didn't got
every detail. But I guess it is not needed, so feel free to remove it.
As subversion never forgets, the code won't get lost :-)

> -- John

BTW, welcome to our small but fine community!

Andreas Lehmkühler

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