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From Andreas Lehmkuehler <andr...@lehmi.de>
Subject Re: 1.7 release?
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 08:24:02 GMT

Am 07.05.2012 10:50, schrieb Timo Boehme:
> Hi,
> Am 06.05.2012 16:46, schrieb Andreas Lehmkuehler:
>> Am 04.05.2012 15:46, schrieb Timo Boehme:
>>> Am 03.05.2012 21:04, schrieb Michael McCandless:
>>>> Any guestimates for a 1.7.0 release?
>>>> It's been a long time (9 months) since 1.6.0... and I count ~203
>>>> commits since 1.6.0.
>>> There was already some discussion about it (see "Re: Next
>>> release(s)?" dating from 2012-04-10) and it is clear that a new
>>> version (probably 1.7.0) should be released soon.
>> IMHO there are some things which should be done before, integrate
>> Maruans latest patch (PDFBOX-1000), improve the TTF-Parser (PDFBOX-490)
> In my opinion there are already a number of improvements in current trunk
> compared to 1.6 and there is no reason to not release another 1.8 before
> PDFBOX-1000 is really ready. As I see it we should bump the version to 2.0 if
> PDFBOX-1000 finally lands.
I just thought about a kind of beta version of the new parser, so that one can 
test ist without building its own version.

> Thus I would vote for only adding stuff already in pipeline and bug fixes in
> order to do a release in the next few weeks.
I fully agree.

>>> However I think we will wait until the project lead is back online.
>> I guess you are adressing me as PMC Chair. I'm afraid there is a
>> misunderstanding I'd like to clarify.
>> There is no concept of leadership within the ASF. An apache project is
>> led by the PMC [1]. The PMC Chair [2] is just the speaker of the project
>> and acts as interface to the board of the foundation. All PMC members
>> [3] including the chair are equal and each of them has one vote.
> Point taken.
I just wanted to avoid the misimpression that anyone else than the PMC rules the 
project. :-)

> Nevertheless I'd like to have your opinion on a release and expertise doing it :-)
The release process uses the maven release plugin and therefore it is quite easy 
to perform. If you are interested in acting as release manager you have to 
provide a key which will be used to sign the release. This key should be signed 
by at least one member of "The Apache Web of Trust", see [1] and [2].

I'll volunteer as RM for the next release. What do you think about cutting the 
release in one week from now on 22th? As I won't be available in the first 2 
weeks of june the next reasonable target date could be june 26th, if we need 
some more time to include more stuff.

> Best regards
> Timo

Andreas Lehmkühler

[1] http://www.apache.org/dev/release-signing.html
[2] http://www.apache.org/dev/release-signing.html#apache-wot

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