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From Guillaume Bailleul <gbm.baill...@gmail.com>
Subject Utility PDF/A Preflight in pdfbox-app ?
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 09:21:12 GMT
Hi all,

I was thinking in making PDF/A tool as other command line utilities
but I have issue I want to share.

Today, there is in module preflight an artefact called
preflight-jar-with-dependencies, that make easy a PDF/A validation :

 java -jar preflight-jar-with-dependencies.jar <my pdf/a file>

This artefact is about 5 megabytes big.

The jar artefact pdfbox-app is about 10 Mb and when adding preflight
(and xmpbox) about 11 Mb, not so bigger because many deps are commons.
So, making something to use preflight as other utilities could be a
good idea. But it is not so easy because the class
org.apache.pdfbox.PDFBOX used to launch the utilities (and only that)
is in pdfbox module which is a dependency of preflight. An option
could be to move the class to the app module, it is maybe many work
for very few benefit ...

I don't what the good option is. Before doing something, I'd like to
have your opinion ...


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