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Subject [parquet-mr] branch parquet-1.10.x created (now 8ad44a9)
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2019 17:56:08 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

blue pushed a change to branch parquet-1.10.x
in repository

      at 8ad44a9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.10.1

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 576c709  Initial commit
     new a8c10ef  initial commit
     new f3cdad3
     new 2402879  Update
     new dbbf944  updated name
     new 7ed9528  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5fb63e9  refactoring tuples to use indices instead of field names
     new 741c6fd  adding push parser test
     new a1a04d5  move closing records at the begining of the loop
     new 9b68b39  make field started and ended only once when value is repeated, refactor out SimpleGroupRecordConsumer
     new 34124ed  remove depedency on Group from RecordReader
     new 968fd55  remove dependency on group from the io implementation
     new c4109e2  fix compilation and dependency issue
     new f689f90  fix compilation issue
     new 82e0324  pig Tuple consumer and writer
     new 5e95561  temporarily removing thrift stuff
     new f2ea25f  turning off logs
     new d1ceb26  Update
     new da7ec48  adding license header
     new 0b73962  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7b98856  adding travis ci conf
     new e6ecdc6  fixing source version
     new cf5ba98  fix source encoding
     new ab7df25  added build info
     new 2302fe4  first version of the Loader/Storer
     new 575c221  PrintFooter tool
     new bdd3635  Add some comments and tests
     new 40d512b  work
     new 591da70  adding support for Float and Double
     new 0025768  fixed tests
     new 246efae  refactor of the columns
     new 527beef  adding license headers
     new 11b8190  Merge pull request #1 from julienledem/hack_week
     new 1e7152b  work
     new 9da016d  merged
     new 71b7b11  work
     new 02b40db  work
     new 38434c6  work
     new f84fa27  work
     new 30e3849  work
     new 194cfdb  work
     new e12b27f  fix support for int/long and map
     new d080698  adding schema validation
     new da419bf  fix bug regarding null values in message
     new 9f9b23d  work
     new 9c34678  work
     new 525d3ae  work
     new 4cd5bc1  work
     new 063486d  work
     new ba06716  remove a use of StringBuffer
     new 46a3458  first pass at adding compression
     new 4bfca1f  make Codec configurable
     new 1a0284d  fix empty string bug
     new 94781b0  VarInt for String length
     new 1d40ac2  add javadoc
     new c2ed3ee  work
     new 3b447a6  Merge pull request #8 from julienledem/add_column_compression
     new 32bb525  work
     new 94c10a2  Merge branch 'hack_week_jco' of
     new 33525b8  add JCO
     new fd5bd4a  record uncompressed size in footer; add detailed report of size and compression per column
     new 3b8ad08  cleanup logs
     new df97795  javadoc
     new e2e3eeb  first stab a decoupling the Input/OutputFormat from Pig
     new 76ded4f  store count of metadatablocks in footer
     new f9be51e  Merge pull request #9 from julienledem/javadoc
     new f070939  Merge pull request #10 from julienledem/decoupling_InputOutputFormat_from_Pig
     new 130e213  better hadoop layer decoupling
     new 4fb9a48  moved hadoop implementation into its own hadoop package without dependencies on pig packages
     new fe6066b  get the compression codec from Configuration properties
     new b507f7d  make block size configurable
     new 5271080  Merge pull request #11 from julienledem/move_hadoop_stuff_into_hadoop_package
     new 1243fcc  add status header
     new 06ab2ed  implement empty bag != null bag
     new fbf8333  cleanup unnecessary variables
     new 8774451  first stab at pregenerated Pig consumer
     new 0094892  use non spillable databag for records
     new 27c0255  make Map work
     new ffe80dd  add summary file
     new 88ed7fe  Support for short int columns by JCoveney rep_def_column add pig snapshot
     new af992f3  fixed doc based on jco's comments
     new 4a372bc  Merge branch 'master' into summary_file
     new ad3b459  Merge branch 'master' into preprocess_pig_schema
     new 40b0cb3  Merge pull request #13 from julienledem/fix_empty_bag_equals_null_bag
     new 0c683e1  fix build warning
     new bdc5a6e  fix compression javadoc
     new 60ca3a3  add documentation images
     new daea1fd  updated format diagram
     new bce0f0d  fix Codec Logging
     new 6f4650a  Merge branch 'master' into preprocess_pig_schema
     new 48ef66b  fix exception handling
     new c73105c  fix exceptions in Converters
     new 4c0a1f7  Merge pull request #14 from julienledem/preprocess_pig_schema
     new 0549961  Merge pull request #16 from julienledem/fix_Codec_Logging
     new ea3d65e  improve file format diagram
     new 9385a2f  Merge branch 'master' of
     new ee02094  better logging and perf tests
     new 9223ad5  Merge branch 'master' into summary_file
     new 817b54b  Merge pull request #17 from julienledem/summary_file
     new 615c23c  make splits contain all data blocks starting in the same HDFS block
     new b23e1f6  add missing license headers
     new e186b7d  fix UDFContext collision when multiple stores
     new 73d4fde  first stab at record reader compiler
     new 0f88e29  simplified record reader; a little more of reader compiler
     new 104b219  remove currentNodePath from reader and improve perf a lot
     new 7133e58  Merge pull request #19 from julienledem/remove_currentNodePath_from_reader
     new c4a41dd  more fsa codegen
     new 072db3e  change record reader init lifecycle
     new 48f0e8f  refactor record consumer materializer
     new b6f0ca6  remove unnecessary constructor param
     new eaf3171  Merge branch 'master' into improve_record_consumer_interface
     new 4e5da20  introduce state object
     new 27c93d0  more use of the state class
     new 8f2c7e5  slight improvement to the record reader
     new 7dd9300  remove dependency of column io on column store
     new e735459  remove unecessary class parameter
     new 5334a2d  add missing license headers
     new 11b6a8f  Merge branch 'improve_record_consumer_interface' into FSA_codegen
     new eaeff04  refactor reader
     new c4c6991  rewrite of the code generation bit (work in progress)
     new 180222e  rename RecordConsumerWrapper
     new eba3e21  Merge branch 'master' of into better_InputFormat_logs
     new f3f02f5  Merge pull request #18 from julienledem/better_InputFormat_logs
     new 0c3a1d8  Merge branch 'master' of into improve_record_consumer_interface
     new 1954277  removed cheesy comment and hardcoded max depth based on jco's comment
     new fa4c4ba  removed unnecessary whitespace
     new d68307e  Merge branch 'master' into fix_schema_passing_when_multiple_stores
     new 448e8c8  Merge branch 'master' into FSA_codegen
     new faf756e  fixed visibility
     new 758bb8b  Merge pull request #21 from julienledem/fix_schema_passing_when_multiple_stores
     new d71d754  Make PigSchemaConverter Static
     new 19106d0  Fix merge conflict
     new 676c471  Make maps work with sigle column case
     new db75e0b  add missing base implementations
     new 7aaf6f9  removed unecessary readOneRecord() method and commented out old code
     new 770cf4d  more optimizations
     new e5dec2b  optimizations;fix some bugs
     new b896112  trigger full gc before starting
     new 48d9105  Revert PigSchemaConverter to static
     new ba0f9ad  Update gitignore
     new d202560  Incorporate Julien's comments
     new d18ec37  Merge pull request #23 from jcoveney/fix_simple_maps
     new 78cff39  Merge pull request #20 from julienledem/improve_record_consumer_interface
     new cd7117b  some modification to understand better impact of gc
     new fd93ec2  Merge branch 'master' into FSA_codegen
     new d5ea045  cleanup unused import
     new da4b034  add license headers
     new 2a3d6af  make BaseRecordReader its own class
     new 2883f89  merge both switch statements to optimize
     new b89750b  some cleanup based on Jco's comments
     new 17271e7  initial integration with the new metadata
     new f25dfdc  fix row count per rowgroup persistence
     new 8ec8a9d  fix storer problem with page storage
     new d63ded4  remove string type; make schema in footer use object model; make ints little endian
     new cd9e8fe  integrate the schema change from children to parent
     new 3043e75  optimize buffer copy; revert parent
     new 2e09b42  cleanup string type
     new be00886  better support for plain encoding
     new 6cdf6aa  generator for the int_test_file
     new f3adb6e  renamed to Plain to match the Encoding name
     new 781f40f  PLAIN encoding comformance
     new 1bd47c3  generate TPCH customer
     new 07d7aa0  change children_indices for children_count in schema representation
     new 867e24b  fix repetition for root
     new 9c7e5f5  add compression back; make page size configurable; rename children_count to num_children
     new 18d5082  fix decompression
     new 04b60ee  rework compression
     new d8a18ce  fix PrintFooter; fix string encoding; rewrite split generation; fix block reading logic
     new 2ea2954  split stores
     new 4b06058  move compression to decode time and fix compressor init overhead
     new 113f8b8  reworked converter framework
     new 372b9f3  fix projection using pig schema
     new b38de8a  add allocated usage monitoring
     new a62af63  fix bit packing
     new 15f6beb  expose schema to pig
     new 1823220  rename the metadata package
     new b598378  removed reference to red file
     new 90f027e  change magic number to PAR1
     new e6ca25c  adding license header
     new 08df187  Merge pull request #25 from julienledem/integrate_format_changes
     new 951cd2f  Merge branch 'master' into FSA_codegen
     new adcab26  Merge pull request #24 from julienledem/FSA_codegen
     new 33aad25  rename package to parquet
     new 73f6997  rename package to parquet
     new 24c85c7  renaming maven artifacts
     new ac3a806  renamed to parquet
     new bd1fde9  cleanup
     new 5164918  Merge pull request #26 from julienledem/rename_to_parquet
     new 4a0bb74  cleanup exceptions
     new 85d8f09  removed brennus dependency (for now)
     new 5141722  integrate thrift changes
     new cfdcdff  turn off customer test
     new c5a894a  split hadoop; add thrift
     new f6adf0b  integrate new converter; cleanup
     new 78ff38c  improve logs
     new 9058bae  improve use of summary file
     new b2efb50  refactor the read/write support
     new bbf7932  move to official pig release
     new ad9dcbe  javadoc; original type support
     new 42c418c  javadoc
     new f2746e7  adding example output/input formats
     new 77097b6  ThriftParquetOutputFormat
     new 92e93b1  license header
     new c5ce15e  license header
     new 6bf2661  Merge branch 'master' of into parquet_thrift
     new af20471  javadoc; bug fixes; thrift support; refactoring
     new 25b7559  thrift read protocol; fix repetition level size in little endian
     new 9c79b08  thrift input/output format support
     new ecf19dc  add encoding information for the column reader; allow column writer to specify the encoding
     new e8f8429  populate encodings in column metadata
     new d35c264  turn byte[] into Binary object in the api
     new 932695c  update dependency on elephant-bird
     new 07ea133  license headers
     new ee8ec11  javadoc; turn off the compatibility test for now
     new 54dd652  integrate the thrift changes
     new 0973e7d  removed outdated comment
     new c3c22a0  Merge pull request #1 from Parquet/parquet_thrift
     new 003299e  Style cleanup and other miscellanea (javadoc, etc)
     new 591c2b9  move compatibility test to the appropriate repo
     new 76fd1d8  cleanup
     new 962dd9e  More cleanup/renames
     new 7ea3721  Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
     new d4a7da5  Merge pull request #3 from toddlipcon/master
     new 25608ae  cleanup
     new ca1f11a  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bf0bd57  Update
     new b946355  thrift enum and list fixes; ParquetReadToWrite
     new 5daf068  more thrift bug fixes
     new 668d74d  exception cleanup; creation of parquet.hadoop.api package; thrift from bytes support; bug fixes
     new e1b2f29  Fix pom.xml
     new 70abea6  Merge pull request #5 from mickaellcr/fix_pom
     new ed7a067  move to groupId com.twitter so that we can publish to maven central
     new 0703f01  Merge pull request #4 from Parquet/thrift_fixes
     new 45138bb  integrating feedback from Todd; renaming PrimitiveColumnW/R to ValuesW/R
     new 6b9366b  renaming classes and packages based on feedback
     new e0dc2f3  reorganizing packages and deleting old classes
     new 6dff626  Merge pull request #6 from Parquet/move_to_twitter_group
     new 63949a3  Merge pull request #7 from Parquet/renaming_classes
     new ef6b02c  fixed merge issue
     new 6e33c3d  fix Filesystem access issues mentioned by Dmitriy
     new 5a52fe1  fix Filesystem access issues mentioned by Dmitriy
     new 12b99b1  metadata file in parquet format
     new 251855b  better metadata file tests
     new 37ad86c  removed old doc
     new f7ba78a  Update
     new dfd872b  javadoc
     new 37b7041  better tests for new summary file
     new aa6dca8  integrate thrift format changes
     new dabb797  Merge pull request #8 from Parquet/metadata_file
     new 11c34bf  Merge branch 'master' of
     new bb7d9f6  Update
     new bdec17e  integrate Todd's feedback
     new 4b45e24  Merge branch 'master' of
     new d07c10e  Fix LICENSE
     new 7a6c784  Update
     new a524979  Remove the old license.txt
     new 7bd223a  improved OutputFormat javadoc and defaults
     new 7d90176  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 408785a  adding back the license header used by the maven plugin
     new 7a9a750  Update NOTICE
     new 68f4a5d  Update
     new c502c21  add deploy configuration
     new bf1b494  Merge pull request #10 from Parquet/allow_deploy
     new 241634e  better exception when reading unknown field
     new de8bc0d  fix java 6 compiler compatibility
     new 5fe97c8  add pig schema in thrift metadata
     new 65364a4  fix map of primitive; add thrift to pig compat
     new c44ff2d  cleanup
     new ef0069e  incorporate feddback; more tests
     new 82d5d85  Merge pull request #13 from Parquet/thrift_to_pig_compat
     new e93e35c  fix metadata file in mr mode
     new df3e94a  change default level encoding to bit packed; instanciate reader from page header encoding
     new 4828f1d  fix metadata conversion
     new d81380a  add test to ensure enums are equivalent
     new e087908  integrate elaphantbird 3.0.8
     new 071b8f4  change ReadSupport api to fix projection support
     new cf6dbc3  Merge pull request #16 from Parquet/update_encodings
     new 5dfa1b2  deal with elephantbird handling of numbers
     new 696bce4  use constant for settings
     new f9c25b6  Merge pull request #17 from Parquet/thrift_to_pig_compat2
     new a4e5f02  Update
     new cc5cd63  Update
     new fce6998  avoid string decoding recoding
     new c625aa6  Merge pull request #19 from Parquet/improve_thrift_perf
     new f5b2cb8  add better Bytes plain decoder
     new 56faa1b  first stab at dict encoding
     new cf5ba49  fix perf test
     new 1b2694e  fix offset
     new 8246e0b  fix perf problem with new String(bytes, offset, length, encoding)
     new 5c60ed8  remove one array copy
     new 60a2925  Merge pull request #20 from Parquet/perf_improvement
     new e18d38b  dictionary encoding
     new 827a5bc  fix dictionary encoding
     new 4a69511  dictionary encoding
     new b41e6e2  relocating jackson inside the parquet-thrift jar
     new 90b5eae  add scrooge and cascading support
     new 9025c87  add indirect jackson jar dep
     new dd057cf  merge shade_jackson, fix compilation errors
     new 3d63626  Merge branch 'shade_jackson' of into scrooge_scalding
     new d732183  apply jackson shading to all modules
     new d006b51  Merge branch 'shade_jackson' of into scrooge_scalding
     new 8f9f0c7  integrate thrift change in format
     new a4f133a  cleaning methods
     new 7025ede  Merge branch 'integrate_format_changes' into dictionary_encoding
     new 8fc53c4  improve logging
     new 5d16042  Merge pull request #21 from Parquet/shade_jackson
     new e9aa5d5  Merge pull request #22 from Parquet/integrate_format_changes
     new 6864d2e  Merge branch 'master' into dictionary_encoding
     new dc585ac  Merge branch 'master' of into scrooge_scalding
     new 9c62f41  improve dictionary
     new 0734217  add license headers
     new 9656ef2  improve api; improve logs;improve PrintFooter
     new 08c8f82  use published EB, fix NPE in ThriftMetaData
     new d5b3b7d  better logging
     new 0bb5e93  first stab at rle encoding
     new 4fe082c  BitPacking up to 31 bits
     new f7a47d3  adapt Lemire's scheme to our value ordering
     new f2ff9e8  add license headers
     new 07c56fc  add notice
     new 4611c47  writer readers for int based packing
     new a0926f3  add both orders as we might want to change our encoding in the future
     new b0e9609  more tests and bug fixing the Bit packing
     new e3e8159  make things that look like closeables implement Closeable
     new ee8c25e  Merge pull request #27 from Parquet/make_closeable
     new bca0411  Merge branch 'master' of into scrooge_scalding
     new bcdddf7  implement byte based batch bit packing
     new c2bdea0  address comments from alex l.
     new 9942ce1  move simple RLE to generated bit packing
     new aa851eb  remove broken reader/writer
     new 61d5170  fix bug where a required field would not be created at the right level
     new 8b69ad5  address comments from @J_
     new 1d21646  Merge pull request #29 from Parquet/fix_definition_level_for_nested_required
     new f866bb8  more tests for optional vs required
     new ee4a1b8  Merge pull request #30 from Parquet/fix_definition_level_for_nested_required
     new 9d2df13  Merge branch 'master' into dictionary_encoding
     new d64c883  mae dictionary more generic; allow converters to understand dictionaries
     new feadc9e  Merge pull request #24 from Parquet/scrooge_scalding
     new 31b91ee  address review comments by @squarecog
     new 02b283d  Initial support for Avro.
     new 42c38a1  Remove unchecked generics warnings.
     new 61a163d  Honor repetitions correctly.
     new 568bd7f  Add Binary.fromByteBuffer method.
     new 11bb824  Remove unnecessary level of grouping for array.
     new e47f3b1  Fix creation of arrays and maps in converters.
     new 58d8c52  Remove incorrect record initialization to compensate for broken support for nested records (not yet fixed).
     new e365840  Create generic Parquet reader and writer for object records.
     new 1605cda  Avoid copying bytes if ByteBuffer is array-based.
     new 5121cd5  Avoid double conversion of bytes for Avro Utf8 instances.
     new 64c45cb  Add test for nested records following fix in 61d5170844aaf611555a0dd63c5e24af08acf1c8
     new 80adbcd  Remove -Xlint:unchecked flag from the build for the moment as it causes CI to fail.
     new d3c1a34  Fix compilation with Java 6.
     new 34ce924  Merge pull request #26 from tomwhite/avro
     new a5d72a4  Merge pull request #31 from tomwhite/java6-compilation-fixes
     new 19e0902  make converters dictionary aware
     new aed56c9  integrate the new bit packing for perf
     new 133d845  Merge branch 'master' into rle
     new a3e8963  Merge branch 'rle' into dictionary_encoding
     new 67a3577  make field private; add braces for one line if statements
     new 999b214  use BytesUtils.paddedByteCountFromBits everywhere
     new b125dee  make initial capacity a constant
     new 7cb782c  make a constant for constant value; remove outragous System.out.println()
     new e548432  add new line
     new 4c11b66  typo
     new 280cea3  make the API treat empty fields the same as missing fields to avoid confusion
     new 1db1018  turn on validation for generate TPCH
     new 3f09751  making empty fields illegal
     new 7c0f1a6  rename fromSequence to concat
     new 5db276f  cleanup import
     new 0550545  Merge branch 'master' into rle
     new 43dcb03  Merge branch 'master' into dictionary_encoding
     new 6b867e5  skeleton for an efficient converter from groups to cascading tuples
     new 065a3c9  working selective tuple materialization for cascading
     new 593a105  short class comment for the TupleScheme
     new 1f0a8a2  replace DeprecatedContainerInputFormat with DeprecatedParquetInputFormat, should build under MR2
     new 5e82439  fix up cascading and scrooge to use DeprecatedParquetInputFormat
     new 20a4bf7  DeprecatedParquetInputFormat is not abstract
     new 2676de9  Treat Fields.UNKNOWN as Fields.ALL
     new a49a0e9  don't create a TaskAttemptContext in ParquetReader
     new 74157a0  Fixed potential Integer overflow.
     new fc0c7cd  integrate RLE into dictionary encoding
     new 7cb711c  Merge branch 'rle' into dictionary_encoding
     new 4a8913e  update git ignore
     new 249e889  Use a simpler serialization for cascading Fields to be compatible with older cascading versions
     new 8cb82ee  javadoc
     new c96e794  + needs space
     new d6e3866  Merge pull request #36 from 0xh3x/master
     new d822ef5  Merge pull request #35 from avibryant/deprecated-mr2
     new 30b461e  skeleton for an efficient converter from groups to cascading tuples
     new 62df123  working selective tuple materialization for cascading
     new 2f0a779  short class comment for the TupleScheme
     new 1ee87d8  Treat Fields.UNKNOWN as Fields.ALL
     new f2ab7a2  Use a simpler serialization for cascading Fields to be compatible with older cascading versions
     new ffebada  update ParquetTupleScheme to use DeprecatedParquetInputFormat
     new 9222396  merge
     new 3c96e97  Merge pull request #33 from Parquet/handle_empty_fields_as_nulls
     new 634cb77  fix bug when printing a ByteBuffer based binary would consume the buffer
     new aaa58d3  code formating and license headers
     new 3dbccba  add git hash in jar
     new 9ec3565  Merge pull request #39 from Parquet/add_git_hash_in_jar
     new 6855178  Update
     new 2d4be43  Merge pull request #25 from Parquet/rle
     new 59f4b10  Use the standard readFooters in ParquetTupleScheme
     new 88690f9  Fix Avro Read/Write support to work with the union-null optional value pattern
     new 5ed6162  mvn license:headers
     new c7ebfbb  Fixes based on Julian's feedback
     new f3ee0c9  Merge pull request #37 from avibryant/cascading-tuples
     new cec7b39  Merge pull request #41 from jwills/avro-null-unions
     new a1fbcfb  make total size include header size
     new 75ead0a  turn LOGs back to INFO
     new 6c26ece  Merge pull request #42 from Parquet/make_total_size_include_headers
     new f5ab5eb  better error message when schema is unknown
     new 6c1ccb7  Merge pull request #45 from Parquet/no_schema_error
     new 0c25038  read version information from META-INF
     new a20750a  Replace JobContext#getConfiguration calls with reflective call.
     new a67ea4e  add test for hadoop2
     new 5ab0918  update dependencies to hadoop-client
     new fae4c56  Merge pull request #32 from tomwhite/hadoop2
     new 647825b  Changed two utility classes to public
     new 09a54d6  Rolled back one of the public classes
     new 3e4561b  Merge pull request #46 from laserson/public_utils
     new 45b893c  add maven-jar-plugin version
     new 306868d  Merge branch 'master' into version
     new cd25359  add library version to metadata
     new be136d2  Update
     new f0c42ca  Merge pull request #49 from Parquet/version
     new e1aa798  improve memory consumption in write
     new b30d7fe  reduce rep and def level buffer size. 8MB * 2 * #cols is way too much
     new f334966  Merge pull request #50 from Parquet/scale_down_overly_enthusiastic_buffer_size
     new 90aca3c  Merge branch 'master' into improve_mem_usage_in_write
     new a0e82a8  add improved memory management in hadoop layer
     new 922f6c5  add setting to turn dictionary on
     new 6a4f8d0  handle case when value is bigger than slab size
     new 0347e7b  adjust initial column size
     new f7e7dd7  more unit tests for CapacityByteArrayOutputStream
     new d636d60  Allow setting compressor, block/page size for ParquetWriter
     new 11d8e0e  Added javadocs
     new 21bb59d  Oops, forgot about default compression
     new 34a8fb0  Propagated default sizes to the OutputFormat
     new 0add8d8  add constant and override annotations
     new 7f7fa72  Merge pull request #48 from laserson/choose_compression
     new d0cc3a9  check initial size
     new ea3eb7b  Removed getCounter for compatibility
     new a53dde1  javadoc and constants
     new 34d0b5d  Merge pull request #52 from laserson/getCounter_compat
     new 5b25bb5  add constants and doc
     new 4f4c5c4  Merge pull request #51 from Parquet/improve_mem_usage_in_write
     new b6d1cb0  add a validation setting to OutputFormat
     new 05f103b  Fix bug that prevented writing optional Avro records, arrays or maps
     new 427137d  Merge pull request #54 from massie/master
     new a5b478e  standard ordering of keywords
     new 19b369b  use checkNotNull
     new e85b3c2  interfaces have public members
     new df1ab6f  introduce contants
     new 70d3eeb  better javadoc
     new f9784bf  remove unnecessary keywords
     new 25d8ff2  javadoc and cleanup
     new 5c2034a  license headers
     new 38d8a68  Merge branch 'master' of into dictionary_encoding
     new 5cedb4a  license headers
     new 9a30c8f  Merge pull request #40 from Parquet/dictionary_encoding
     new 0a7c59a  Speed up Avro string parsing
     new b3e9432  First pass at RLE hybrid
     new 0f9eee5  Cleanup
     new 2ffdab7  Add test for setByte()
     new d29eeb5  cleanup preconditions
     new 27d1c2c  Add javadoc to ByteUtils
     new c71cb25  Merge pull request #55 from laserson/fastavro
     new 71bd4e2  bit packing support for LE
     new cd3a123  Start tests for rle hybrid
     new c9c1080  Add bit packing overflow test
     new 24f6524  End to end test
     new 65fb8d3  move unpack
     new 63ed719  Fixup / rename RLEDecoder, fix tests
     new 99853be  Merge branch 'master' into alexlevenson/RLE-bit-packing-hybrid
     new ded5bec  cleanup comments
     new 14e0574  Merge pull request #57 from Parquet/bit_packing_lsb_first
     new abb6e36  Address first round of comments
     new cd6a02d  Merge branch 'master' into alexlevenson/RLE-bit-packing-hybrid
     new d7fe1a5  Use RLE for repetition / definition levels
     new 47824ef  Merge branch 'master' of into add_validation_setting
     new af0ccf9  better error message and javadoc
     new c211582  Merge pull request #53 from Parquet/add_validation_setting
     new aed1dca  dictionary encoding header is now bitWidth instead of max dictionary entry id
     new 7cf85cb  Fix RunLengthBitPackingHybridValuesReader
     new e70652e  Merge pull request #59 from Parquet/dictionary_encoding_format_adjustment
     new 2dbd0d2  Remove logic for valueCount > Integer.MAX_VALUE
     new 3ff63fd  Merge branch 'master' into alexlevenson/RLE-bit-packing-hybrid
     new 6e65166  fix bit packing encoding bug
     new 1d13a61  create and use checkedCast()
     new b7f6946  Merge pull request #58 from Parquet/alexlevenson/RLE-bit-packing-hybrid
     new e0a5920  Merge branch 'master' of into fix_bit_packing_encoding_bug
     new 7e3ef9f  Merge pull request #60 from Parquet/fix_bit_packing_encoding_bug
     new c773446  ability to read version number from parquet jar Version utility
     new a2b7a65  when there is more than one row group the converter will get multiple dictionaries set
     new c3596a9  Add support for 4 byte length written at the beginning of rle columns
     new c4c77ba  add support for ReadSupport specific info in split
     new 4950149  Merge pull request #61 from aniket486/master
     new e27f871  Merge pull request #63 from Parquet/alexlevenson/fix-rle-4byte-length
     new f7fbed1  fix comments
     new 04ac202  Merge pull request #62 from Parquet/fix_dic_decoding_bug
     new 1a30dcc  Merge pull request #66 from Parquet/alexlevenson/fix-rle-comments
     new ff109bc  Merge pull request #65 from Parquet/ReadSupport_specific_info_in_split
     new 5f0f929  Added filtering functionality
     new ef5c143  Added avro specific functionality
     new 61239a0  Added avro specific functionality
     new 48bb48e  Added avro specific functionality
     new f3ed65b  fix ValueStat max value
     new 8285b62  Fixed bug querying on Name,Url
     new ac5cbd1  Implmented more efficient skip algorithm
     new 483dd9f  Merge pull request #67 from svzdvd/master
     new e440108  Add support for snappy compression.
     new 7b74290  Fixed test case.
     new 2519b95  Merge pull request #70 from Parquet/snappy
     new be8e4e9  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
     new 1d7a5c3  Fixing after code reviews
     new e2e8edb  small updates to README with feature matrix and other improvements
     new 6a0dffd  fix readme links
     new 08b7aeb  support for schema compatibility
     new 7b47079  Should not write data if the RL/DL is all zeroes
     new 29ba92c  add a bit more pig detail
     new c98f467  Merge pull request #73 from aniket486/write_no_data_for_no_RL_DL
     new 94afb19  fix dictionary decoding bug when more than one encoding is used
     new 96bf78d  Merge pull request #71 from Parquet/update_readme
     new 707bdf0  add negative tests
     new 364b4a0  Merge pull request #72 from Parquet/schema_compatibility
     new efc5982  fix schema compat
     new 18122b4  Merge branch 'master' into schema_compatibility
     new 3afe647  Merge pull request #75 from Parquet/schema_compatibility
     new 992a47e  fix call to converter
     new 5fc6728  Merge pull request #74 from Parquet/fix_dictionary_decoding
     new c4b14fb  Adding APL headers and test for union schema creation.
     new f52a26e  Renamed checkValueRead.
     new 80a449d  Updated from master
     new caa8e51  split Plain reader so that the reader knows what type it's reading
     new 653a4cf  collapse small classes into one class
     new 89d6b17  refactored bit packing
     new f1da1c7  Merge pull request #79 from Parquet/split_plain_reader
     new 806b548  fix for schema compatibility
     new 33c8dc5  Merge pull request #81 from Parquet/fix_schema_compatibility
     new 43dc88d  adding projection support for thrift types
     new adb46b6  make splits report actual length
     new 9a5d597  Merge pull request #83 from atkeano/thrift_read_projections
     new 6bf0597  Merge pull request #80 from Parquet/encodings
     new 6030c9e  Merge pull request #84 from Parquet/splits_report_actual_length
     new 4de2744  fix bad merge
     new 79a3106  reduce memory usage of metadata
     new fc56631  Initial checkin for load pushdown
     new 5214a65  minor fixes and refactor
     new 64814a6  make fields final
     new 80e72a5  Merge pull request #85 from Parquet/reduce_memory_usage_of_metadata
     new feecf58  adding tests and removing comments
     new ef2aa8e  Merge branch 'master' into filtered_reader
     new 7e31eec  Merge pull request #89 from Parquet/filtered_reader
     new 3b9e6d8  Update
     new 91fa2c4  Update
     new d8e6ba3  added code review changes
     new 5a5bb7f  initial commit for recursive listing
     new 3921742  small fixes for hadoop2 failure
     new 61f2c86  add buffer to protocol pipe
     new c2ad764  Merge pull request #90 from aniket486/list_recursive
     new 9f41d31  Merge pull request #86 from aniket486/load_pushdown
     new 02d5ed2  fix merge conflict
     new aa0bc13  Add Avro specific support to AvroParquet{Input,Output}Format
     new de0d0cb  Merge pull request #94 from massie/avro-specific
     new 3f19ce3  reduce size of splits
     new dd20df1  Merge pull request #87 from Parquet/reduce_size_of_split
     new f46bdaf  Merge pull request #93 from Parquet/add_buffer_to_protocol_pipe_in_master
     new a80029e  try github site integration
     new aedcdde  fix pom conf for github pages
     new 4643a5c  add coverage report to site
     new 6b5b8b2  improve memory usage of metadata
     new 54ac6b4  license headers
     new f7d0987  fix compilation issue with 1.6
     new 964e5da  Add support for schema projection in Avro
     new 62c3155  Merge pull request #96 from massie/master
     new c1d67ee  Add support for predicate pushdown in ParquetInputFormat
     new 435b13b  Merge pull request #98 from massie/matt-pushdown
     new 8c1032d  Merge pull request #97 from Parquet/improve_memory_usage_of_metadata
     new c7a8eaf  Start implementation parquet for hive :
     new 2471e51  Remove any K,V from DeprecatedXXFormat
     new fcc88f3  Add support for CombineHiveInputFormat
     new f5ca27b  Improve column reading
     new 4fe18c5  Can write complex types
     new b4d1c71  Can read some complex types
     new 07e54a5  rename one parameter
     new 1ada3d2  Some improvements on the hive implementation :
     new ebf76d4  Indentation : retab to 2 spaces. Nothing else.
     new 126da3c  Give selected columns to ParquetInputFormat : Done
     new 910e7cd  Add equals and hashcode methods to BinaryWritable
     new 7f534d5  Implement a basic version of the SerDeStats object for ParquetHiveSerDe
     new 6c219a5  Fix Short object for Hive (use short for short instead of byte :))
     new bd826ec  Add a simple unit test for ParquetSerDe
     new 33e0131  Add some unit test in order to test :
     new 1dc42f0  Improve the pull request following advices from Julien
     new 74be528  Add full support for array and map reading
     new d615729  Add unit test for storage
     new f2d9e81  update hadoop version
     new 4198153  Fix compile with abstract methods
     new cc6754c  Fix CombineHive bug
     new cee774c  Fix more combine stuff
     new 174c26a  Correct fix to CombineHive
     new 3ee49a5  Change MapWritable to ArrayWritable (perfomance improved !)
     new 8234945  Remove unused parameters
     new 543cdc2  Fix the size of the value array
     new bb6e2ff  Hadoop 2.0 compatibility, hive 0.10
     new 0ec089d  Add metadata in ReadContext instead of Split
     new 82fff8c  Clean up ReadSupport init
     new 3089e83  Manage count 0
     new 21b0d97  Update with advices from Julien
     new eccbba1  Improve speed for queries like count(0), in which we only need the number of lines
     new bf7263b  Try to fix travis build
     new 26360f3  Minor changes
     new 2525587  Update getSplits in DeprecatedParquetInputFormat
     new 4cf6ae1  Code review
     new ed9eec8  Add "how to contribute" to
     new a2ec5cb  Merge pull request #102 from Parquet/how_to_contribute
     new 61f2260  Merge pull request #95 from Parquet/doc
     new 92c450a  Merge pull request #28 from mickaellcr/parquet-hive
     new 273ecd4  Update Hive support status
     new 67b8423  ThriftParquetReader and ThriftParquetWriter
     new be49204  change default page size and add some doc
     new 0fbd026  Merge pull request #105 from Parquet/ThriftParquetWriter
     new b7fe532  Merge branch 'master' of into change_default_block_size
     new 8a62bb3  fix doc
     new b8576b9  Update
     new 4bc2433  [fix validation script] when boolean value is null, set it to 0 for being compatible.
     new 265ef24  Merge branch 'master' of into fix_boolean_default_value_for_tuple_converter
     new 0e8f1f7  Merge pull request #107 from Parquet/change_default_block_size
     new eac5aec  1. return compatible schema when compatible flag is set. 2. tupleConverter set to return IntegerConverter when flag is set
     new c4e8d26  optimize code format, add log info to indicate boolean will be convert to int when compatible mode is on
     new 7a4b562  add if debug statements to parquetloader
     new a7c42f9  Make writer independent
     new 504833e  Make reader independent
     new 7d1fe78  remove space, add braces for readability
     new 82579c9  Merge pull request #108 from Parquet/elephant_bird_compatible
     new 09ba2fb  Merge pull request #111 from aniket486/master
     new 3c55f58  Merge pull request #112 from tomwhite/issue-64-mr-indept
     new a6e3fe7  upgrading scrooge runtime version to 3.1.1
     new 2289141  Merge pull request #113 from aniket486/master
     new 6218072  move github site to profile
     new bb74d3d  add description
     new 6eec81d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.0.0
     new 78481ad  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new aca5615  Update
     new ac0caa0  Update
     new ecb2dac  refactro column reader
     new f8dd208  simplify end of page count
     new aa530c1  Merge branch 'master' of into refactor_column_reader
     new 26932a5  Minor fix
     new c126179  remove raw type for ParquetTbaseScheme to support thrift0.5; remove scalding dependency
     new 2a32f34  Merge pull request #119 from Parquet/thrift_05_compatible
     new 86ae4f8  fix wrong converter: use TBaseRecordConverter for ParquetTBaseScheme; Add unit test for getting correct record converter
     new a54414c  use Mockito to mock varibles in test, fix format and variable name
     new 5a25926  Merge pull request #121 from Parquet/fix_wrong_record_converter_class
     new 6232daf  fix javadoc
     new 1fc0698  Fix RLE bug with partial literal groups at end of stream.
     new a9e2c7d  Fix Short and Byte types in Hive SerDe.
     new 35c6dc6  removing github-pages-site target before releasing
     new 8ffe30d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.0.1
     new 05c73c4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f17b83c  added unit tests for parquet cascading
     new 7e16d31  better format
     new f327ecf  format
     new e4269e6  remove blank lines
     new 3a3b73a  Merge pull request #126 from Parquet/unit_tests_for_parquet_cascading
     new 3c86936  Merge pull request #120 from Parquet/rle_fix
     new 8d66611  adding dictionary encoding for long,double,int,float
     new 28da58c  Fix Snappy compressor in parquet-hadoop.
     new 3934855  update plugin versions for maven aether migration - fixes #125
     new 3fad4bd  Merge pull request #133 from atkeano/maven_build_errors
     new 87228eb  refactoring dictionary encoding for non string types after comments #127
     new 12bc29a  split out method to facilitate the inliner job
     new 99673f2  Merge pull request #127 from atkeano/dictionary_encodings
     new ce8c1a4  Merge pull request #118 from Parquet/refactor_column_reader
     new af45d9c  fix bug of wrong column metadata size
     new 3fb938b  Merge pull request #138 from Parquet/fix_column_metadata_size
     new 6ff0264  Implemented partial schema for GroupReadSupport
     new c9b213c  Merge pull request #123 from Parquet/snappy_codec
     new a274684  added 3 counters to parquet for benchmarking bytes read and time spent
     new 43ad5e5  fix test
     new 2cc9321  add test for no benchmark counters
     new ccf32c7  remove comments
     new ea62ffe  add unit test
     new 9394c09  fix test
     new c269726  formatting
     new 4288aa6  formatting
     new d4ef8d9  Merge pull request #140 from Parquet/partial_schema_for_group_read_support
     new 1323e4f  Merge branch 'master' of into hraven_counters
     new 397b4c9  formatting
     new f8e2658  fix incrementCounter getConfiguration method to support 2.0
     new 3bebb9a  fix
     new 35c419c  remove public Constants
     new cb6d3d2  Merge pull request #141 from Parquet/hraven_counters
     new 9ef85a0  merge
     new 42ad701  fix test file path
     new 4d1b3e0  add unit test
     new 09bfe99  Merge pull request #124 from Parquet/serde
     new 92ce68d  fixed
     new 77bede5  add test
     new fb67069  fix space format
     new 37bd05d  Merge pull request #142 from Parquet/fix_total_size_row_group
     new f61a123  Merge branch 'master' of into fix_empty_encoding_col_metadata
     new d2878f8  Merge pull request #143 from Parquet/fix_empty_encoding_col_metadata
     new 8f93adf  Map key fields should allow other types than strings
     new 9adb8e2  code review changes
     new c22a357  Merge pull request #144 from aniket486/map_support
     new b500681  add getStatistics method to parquetloader
     new e5b767a  Add some nested type tests and fix Map handling
     new 8cc147b  Add map and list to in/outputformat unit tests
     new c76880d  Merge pull request #146 from Parquet/hive_nested_types
     new 808a90d  changing default block size to 128mb
     new 4202efb  Merge pull request #149 from aniket486/change_block_size
     new aab7b4b  code review comments for stats
     new 4b4fb0e  Merge pull request #145 from aniket486/stats_loader
     new bee8378  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.1.0
     new 62cc2c2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bbae83d  Create
     new 7b2ef26  add thrift validation on read
     new 8a8354b  add better error message
     new 71a6d88  add better error message
     new c8ba085  Merge pull request #150 from Parquet/add_thrift_validation
     new 945d1bd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.1.1
     new 0784dc9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 91c1711  fix projection on required fields and refactored unit tests for column IO
     new 69ef1f4  fix file path
     new 413418e  added release 1.1.1
     new c023d63  improve thrift error message
     new bde6493  Merge pull request #153 from Parquet/fix_projection_required_field
     new ec46329  use globbing syntax to specify manual pushdown in ThriftReadSupport
     new 17e2511  Merge branch 'master' of into manual_pushdown_for_thrift_read_support
     new 30359b4  remove TODOs and fix format
     new 3553c02  add site target to update-github-site profile
     new 874e470  indent fix, remove tabs
     new 57b1e0f  Merge pull request #156 from Parquet/fix_site
     new 459a8a1  make counter works in DeprecatedInputFormat, which is used by cascading
     new d20e5f2  fix tests
     new 00065cd  change filter key name to parquet.thrift.column.filter, remove extra filter parameter from ThriftSchemaConverter
     new bb06859  add license and comment
     new e371fbb  add comment
     new 6dfd975  Merge pull request #159 from Parquet/counter_for_mapred
     new 6b96924  Merge pull request #155 from Parquet/manual_pushdown_for_thrift_read_support
     new b045ac1  Resource leak in parquet.hadoop.ParquetFileReader.readFooter(Configuration, FileStatus)
     new 848fa8e  support schema evolution
     new c32be9e  thrift schema evolution support
     new f369a13  validate output
     new f0d30df  refactor schema converter
     new 8faaaf0  support projection on only key of a map
     new 2043741  add thrift idl for testing
     new 7f08eee  add license headers
     new 1a711f0  turn off projection from scrooge
     new eb15665  Add test cases for reading/writing Avro records with empty arrays and maps.
     new 50feb33  Fix tests for reading and writing Avro records with empty arrays and maps.
     new 0cedaf2  remove debugging code from hot path
     new 9594bba  address review comments
     new 6f25a0f  Correctly handle Avro records with empty maps and arrays.
     new 26d09f4  javadoc
     new 8c51a42  better error message
     new 8fa09f0  Merge pull request #163 from Parquet/thrift_perf
     new 80c3a2a  Merge branch 'master' into schema_evolution
     new 60a3468  fix test
     new cfc91fc  almost there... now working on not to use thrift class, so it's compatible with scrooge
     new 00a5d5b  migrated to using ThriftStruct for schemaConverter, do not use thriftClass
     new 7387a61  passed all test, fix map, removed tests for pull in required fields
     new 147a3f0  start! do not check required field, failing test
     new 55c14bf  javadoc
     new e5cb3c8  fix test
     new e9f2550  parameterize dictionary
     new 12d1ac4  fix noisy warning
     new 47116ad  fix schema merging
     new d4dbf0b  Merge pull request #160 from adityakishore/master
     new 05a0106  Merge pull request #161 from Parquet/schema_evolution
     new 5b36d9c  make buffered by default
     new 2de2567  Merge pull request #154 from Parquet/add_thrift_validation
     new 4170539  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.0
     new c4515db  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b3efce2  fix compilation problems
     new 3c274d1  Merge branch 'master' into fix_avro_empty_maps_arrays
     new 70226b9  distinguish recoverable errors
     new 68fa6cd  fill in missing fields, only for str now, will refactor to visitor pattern
     new 7dfa864  visitor pattern for string, test passed
     new 1bf9d5f  extracted inner classes from ProtocolEventsGenerator
     new c59e82f  implemented all dummy values
     new 9a1e295  merge master
     new 6f374b7  store thriftType in converter[fix merge error]
     new 3e160d9  add license headers
     new b4a8eb1  fix test
     new 3060f85  added unit tests
     new 8aadc0a  fix bug, use a new list for fixed events
     new b812389  inline some classes
     new f702fdf  better naming
     new 133b252  add missing file
     new 073e202  fix test path
     new eff7237  remove converted Type
     new d7b0083  Add empty map and array to test Avro schema all-minus-fixed and add empty map and array fields to parquet-avro test that tests fields of all (except fixed) types.
     new 365d84e  prepare for commit, remove format diff
     new 5ca7671  Re-enable test for fixed type fields in Avro TestReadWrite.
     new ffbdf6d  visitor pattern for schemaConverter
     new 2b2837f  refactor matching filter
     new 079e295  rename
     new 7b68b47  sucess: compile scrooge generated classes in parquet-thrift
     new 5393833  migrated tests to parquet-scrooge [tests passed]
     new d9ce726  add test in scrooge [only maven passed]
     new 0570f46  better fallback mechanism
     new 015ed30  fix oom error dues to bad estimation
     new 1e472d2  Merge pull request #167 from Parquet/fix_oom
     new 92f58ac  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.1
     new dae37cf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1d92804  Add typeLength to ColumnDescriptor.
     new a7ba48b  created ScroogeSchemaConverter
     new e2d3bb2  [style]fix if...else in ConversionPatterns
     new 64e6d82  [style] add spaces around =
     new 99b6dfc  remove julien's TODO
     new bbc0aa7  Merge pull request #166 from Parquet/avoid_pruning_required_fields
     new 9d84697  merge master
     new f6f3eaa  broken tests for scroogeRead
     new 3803d2d  Plumb FIXED type length from Avro schema through to Parquet metadata.
     new b4c45d3  fix bug, missing break in thriftSchemaConverter
     new dcc0d81  Merge branch 'master' into fixed_len_byte_array
     new 04784c2  test pass
     new ceef971  remove unused compat.thrift
     new 2a2696d  format
     new 78b3f86  update scrooge denepdency, add unit tests for reading in scrooge
     new 249581d  add TestCase for scrooge schema converter
     new c1f3512  change some ParquetOutputFormat interfaces to mirror ParquetInputFormat (and be useful for writing a DeprecatedOutputFormat)
     new ce6bfcc  add a DeprecatedParquetOutputFormat to mirror DeprecatedParquetInputFormat
     new 7adc264  add another getRecordWriter overload
     new 9ae1d88  add Sink functionality to parquet.cascading.ParquetTBaseScheme
     new a00fd5e  remove tests that check that TBaseScheme doesn't support writes
     new 521d081  add some convenience methods (from ParquetOutputFormat)
     new 93d6770  add a simple test for DeprecatedOutputFormat
     new 34bbb90  missing copyright notice
     new bba9775  two unused imports
     new 3c65205  field requirement depends on if the getter returns option
     new e2fec1c  add optional map field to thrift file
     new 234a1cb  extracted key and value type from map and optional map
     new 9a5eea0  working on map
     new d32e65e  downgrade scrooge version to 3.6.0, which is the latest version on maven central
     new dd02df0  added map test
     new 8b84a9e  specify scala version for scrooge
     new 5aa7a68  accidentally deleted a space
     new b11e2a0  Plumb type_length for FIXED types through to reading pages.
     new 4e82ab6  Add methods to write fixed Binary without prepending length.
     new 1f63013  Added two boolean options for record filters.
     new 58051d0  Added functionality to allow users to implement functions to be used as predicates.
     new 232d521  use class.getName
     new 038a400  update scrooge to 3.8.0
     new 0f9e39b  Merge pull request #165 from Parquet/distinguish_recoverable_exception
     new f8ac0f0  Initial end-to-end write and read support for Avro FIXED fields without runtime exceptions, but still with data representation issues.
     new 4f1493b  Fix broken tests. Test failures encountered previously were due to broken tests.
     new 08b45b0  Add fixed_len_byte_array to oneOfEach in TestColumnIO.
     new 201d80c  Merge branch 'fixed_len_byte_array' of into fixed_len_byte_array
     new e8c2a39  better log messages
     new 562e811  make binary dictionary encoding use fastutils; fix tests
     new f98cd39  shade fastutil and keep only used classes
     new 1c9c19c  Merge pull request #171 from Parquet/scrooge_tests
     new bce04eb  add 1.2.0 and 1.2.1
     new 8305bdb  Add FixedBinary type by creating a wrapper class around Binary and plumb FixedBinary through for read and write support for FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY. Undo change to add FIXED field to oneOfEach schema for parquet-column TestColumnIO for now.
     new a48f56f  Re-add FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY to oneOfEach and plumb through FIXED support for example Group. Test still fails and need to solve read issues.
     new 1c99a11  rename variables for readability
     new 108509f  Merge pull request #173 from Parquet/better_log_messages
     new bbf3448  add overloaded getFooConfiguration(JobContext) methods to ParquetOutputFormat
     new 310e551  throw the writeSupportClass as part of the exception message if instantiation fails
     new 20f3f46  continue renaming
     new 6da7594  fix problem with projection pushdown in parquetloader
     new cc59cb8  Use ValuesWriter and ValuesReader specific to FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY rather than overloading on a FixedBinary class.
     new 3e02a84  Merge branch 'master' into fixed_len_byte_array
     new e37cd2b  Add fixed field to parquet-avro TestSpecificReadWrite.
     new ebe07c6  changes as per code review comments
     new a73e73c  changes as per code review comments for test
     new 4694001  Merge pull request #175 from Parquet/pig_projection_pushdown
     new 51d3332  Merge pull request #174 from Parquet/readability
     new b7a39c5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.2
     new 0688404  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3b5d32b  Add new Vin field to Avro TestSpecificInputOutputFormat.
     new e6ebda9  Update
     new bc31bda  Update
     new e6fab06  Document why FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY is not supported with Avro specific schema right now.
     new e242085  add an empty constructor for ParquetTBaseScheme (which only works for reads)
     new 3105009  add read and write tests for ParquetTBaseScheme
     new 458dd70  remove redundant test
     new 3b7359b  Re-enable tests for writing FIXED for Avro Specific records. Preliminary end-to-end for writing FIXED but write is still not completely correct yet.
     new 8e4278b  missing test resources
     new 1b326b7  Fix reflection for converting fixed Binary to Avro SpecificFixed. Ensure that FIXED values are written using the FLBA PlainValuesReader when dictionary is enabled.
     new 12d41ac  De-fluffify inadvertently added whitespace changes.
     new e31d46c  merge master
     new a79eab7  Complete support for supporting FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY for Avro SpecificRecord. Add syntax to specify type length for FLBA type fields to MessageTypeParser.
     new 24d7267  Remove print statements.
     new 976c68a  Merge branch 'master' into fixed_len_byte_array
     new 5e0dba7  upgrade scrooge to 3.9
     new ca7da65  basic support for map
     new 6a6613f  tests all primitive key types in map
     new 49f3ad1  Add support for reading FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY to Pig support.
     new 5ab6ccc  Merge pull request #169 from davidzchen/fix_avro_empty_maps_arrays
     new 0822e32  add unit test for primitive value for maps
     new 9cd6737  Add comments to new files.
     new d9ced33  test optional map
     new f45b384  convert list and unit tests
     new 5410381  convert set and unit tests
     new d0fc6a0  Correct schema syntaxes for TestHiveSchemaConverter.
     new 6ffc1b9  implemented conversion for enum
     new bfcb120  implemented map with nested structure, TODO: tests failing since the default requirement can not be determined
     new 835f12e  refactor code
     new 4b2cb26  Added unit tests for predicates. Got predicates compiling, and passing on tests.
     new 1ee4232  Merge changes from master that fix handling empty Avro arrays and maps.
     new 52c32a3  Removing predicate functions to prepare for pushing or/not filters. Limits number of features pushed.
     new b49018b  Merging in changes from main repository that I have forked from to minimize work after pull request.
     new 2c5e07f  Add support to AvroWriteSupport for writing out records with maps containing Utf8-type keys.
     new 3778e45  Pulling in clean modifications for adding ColumnPredicate functions.
     new a2895bf  Remove print statement.
     new 0ad94f9  Fix a maven warning about a missing version number.
     new 6ec199d  Disable the time read counter check in DeprecatedInputFormatTest.
     new 7802a9a  Update ParquetReader to take Configuration as a constructor argument.
     new bb52d33  Merge pull request #179 from fnothaft/master
     new a258aae  Merge pull request #182 from wesleypeck/fix_maven_version
     new a146ebb  Merge pull request #183 from wesleypeck/fix_timeread
     new e20c490  Merge pull request #184 from wesleypeck/parquet_reader_projection
     new 753473c  Change syntax for fixed_len_byte_array to placing length parameter after type name rather after field name.
     new 9aad641  Move reflection checks for specific Avro Fixed type into FieldFixedConverter constructor.
     new a8d99d9  add an assertion to check the output created by reading with ParquetTBaseScheme
     new 2ffde6a  Merge pull request #172 from colinmarc/cascading-tbase-write-support
     new d24f4a7  fix
     new 4e6863a  add checker
     new 6d9d2b3  add test
     new f325418  generate_json
     new 5bd87b1  check compatible
     new 8856e45  todos
     new bd311f5  fix_test
     new 001e3de  map checker
     new 5bf6127  SetChecker
     new 5427f44  list checker
     new 2fb1f7d  accept visitor
     new 64b2f72  fix
     new 0d39e1c  add compatibility report
     new 6f0f236  fix tests
     new 2b62da3  requirement check
     new 2731c0f  refactor tests
     new 2ed9b50  fail when required field is added
     new fdb0725  add tests for list set map
     new 9652d97  add parquet-pig-bundle
     new e3292ed  Merge branch 'master' of into pig_BUNDLE
     new ff4d13a  add null check
     new 5adf79f  Merge pull request #180 from davidzchen/fix_avro_utf8_map_keys
     new 7247538  compatibility runner print more detailed info
     new b3b0bbb  fix indent
     new 1e61b40  fix version
     new 7c6ba3e  Merge changes from master.
     new 989e9dc  Plumb OriginalType through to ConvertedType in file in ParquetMetadataConverter.
     new e40dcfb  Merge pull request #181 from davidzchen/fixed_len_byte_array
     new 5303197  Merge changes from master.
     new c1ac1af  Merge pull request #186 from Parquet/pig_BUNDLE
     new 1ae6772  add dummy file to generate source jar
     new b168fd1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.3
     new 1326c00  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new fd3b05c  release 1.2.3
     new cfd63fd  Fixed issue with test case that was causing runtime error. Was trying to call getInteger on long...
     new 308c1b4  Added two boolean options for record filters.
     new eb35ba8  Added functionality to allow users to implement functions to be used as predicates.
     new c6a4d18  Added unit tests for predicates. Got predicates compiling, and passing on tests.
     new 8be341f  Removing predicate functions to prepare for pushing or/not filters. Limits number of features pushed.
     new 64921da  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3edf60d  Manually merged in conflicts in
     new 0a36e35  Fixes #189: NPE in DictionaryValuesWriter.
     new fd2935b  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new 714335d  compare json
     new 0d25979  Merge branch 'master' of into compatibility_checker
     new 820fb75  remove unused test
     new dc425e4  show field name when they are not compatible
     new 5cad37b  remove unused command from CompatibilityRunner, add comment for rules used in compatibility checking, add license header
     new 82052b8  Merge pull request #191 from Parquet/compatibility_checker
     new 09bcb1b  fix comment
     new eff1e5f  Merge pull request #192 from Parquet/comment_fix
     new da05b13  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.4
     new 6dc4732  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new ff55567  Update
     new 04ad0c4  Merge pull request #190 from wesleypeck/fix_dvw_npe
     new 2020142  refactor serde to remove some unecessary boxing and include dictionary awareness
     new 50bd144  Merge pull request #194 from Parquet/hive_perf
     new 763dfde  Fix for columns list missing from the conf
     new 2660598  Update
     new 422dfe0  Updated files to add applyFunctionToBinary, and add specific interfaces for primitive types.
     new 82f882f  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new 10f266a  Cleaning method signature for binary case.
     new 73c8629  Misunderstood previous comment. Fixed binary predicate.
     new cf0ee72  Merge pull request #188 from fnothaft/master
     new 256a3a1  Fix issue 193: RLE decoder reading past the end of the stream.
     new d4eeecc  Merge pull request #197 from Parquet/issue-193
     new d9e5f0b  Implement correctly Settable inspectors
     new c5f68c5  Extract primitive inspectors and instantiate them only once
     new 4bdaec0  Fix #177: Inspect key when accessing maps
     new 9064500  Add some javadoc to clarify
     new 22cf7fe  Inspect keys only for a few types in parquet hive maps
     new c9146a6  Merge pull request #196 from Parquet/hive_fixes
     new a991eff  Merge branch 'master' into dictionary_changes
     new 0a76cc2  Fix #198: simplify TupleWriteSupport constructor
     new f52d35b  Merge pull request #164 from Parquet/dictionary_changes
     new 5601394  make static field final
     new a905704  Merge pull request #199 from Parquet/simplify_tuple_write
     new a736c62  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new 9435918  Fix requested schema when recreating splits in hive
     new 005bc68  add null check for EnumWriteProtocol
     new 8edc893  Initial commit
     new 5c46f05  initial commit
     new dfa27b4  Merge branch 'master' of
     new dd536a4  Delete todo.txt
     new ab4cb69  Make the ParquetLoader.inputFormatCache HashMap a WeakHashMap in order to free memory for long running processes that do not leverage caching
     new 5f29f43  use a new string in order to enforce weak reference on the key
     new 93780e0  use a new string in order to enforce weak reference on the key
     new cf1f442  use a new string in order to enforce weak reference on the key
     new 21efc9b  use cascading 2.2.0
     new 8edc102  throw ParquetEncodingException
     new a148e16  Merge pull request #205 from fs111/master
     new be83477  Merge pull request #203 from Parquet/check_null_for_enum_write_protocol
     new 3b63d13  fix comment
     new c5ce1fa  fix comment, remove size
     new a34df07  Merge pull request #204 from aaghevli/ParquetLoader.inputFormatCache
     new 4649453  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new e337bd2  Protobuf conversion over Java types
     new a6aa8f7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.5
     new 9c5bdb6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 170797f  Create PoweredBy
     new 9a91418  Create
     new 05c0f06  Delete PoweredBy
     new 6f1e812  Update
     new 75a6102  Update
     new 12a1cd7  Update
     new 70a433b  Update
     new 81a1af0  improve fallback for IntDictionaryWriter
     new 1a4bb6a  Merge pull request #206 from Parquet/PoweredBy
     new 11f30fa  fix bug, add rawDataByteSize for dictionaryValuesWriter to decide if fall back to Plain encoding or not
     new be6a4ae  fix bug: reverse dictionary lookup for fallbacking to plain encoding
     new 4d55b59  improve fallback for float
     new 1afdf14  minor fix, the length used in RLEValuesReader
     new d942b45  format
     new 55a451c  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 3c99aa3  improve fallback for double
     new b84e272  Merge pull request #207 from Parquet/fix_offset
     new 245d43e  use primitve array for int, float , double, get rid of auto boxing,unboxing
     new c9b768f  improve long fallback
     new bee6755  improve binary fallback
     new d33aa40  bug fix: separate fallBackDictionaryEncodedData to a method, will always be called when fallbacking to plainEncoding
     new 1278cde  remove unused import
     new 65ca5ed  Copyrights in converters
     new 492da11  remove hash lookup and unused comments
     new edfd7d9  return raw data size as bufferSize in dictionaryValuesWriter
     new 66900aa  more comment
     new 7427a89  revert fixing page cutting, fix bug, raw data size should be long
     new 198f554  revert revert.. use rawDataByteSize as buffered size in DictionaryValuesWriter
     new a7de264  Specification of written protobuffer class in output format
     new 2e78704  Code cleanup
     new 090a2a4  Code Cleanup
     new 1bec97f  Projections in read support
     new 40ae3fb  artifact version changed to 1.2.5, unused dependencies removed.
     new 0d47734  Add test on DeprecatedParquetInputFormat.getSplit()
     new f479aee  Merge pull request #208 from Parquet/improve_dic_fall_back
     new 7c2785f  Merge pull request #202 from Parquet/hive_requested_schema
     new 6e90041  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new 59bd08b  One of the constructors in ParquetWriter ignores the enable dictionary and validating flags.
     new 4849155  Merge pull request #210 from wesleypeck/fixwriter
     new 402e96d  Wrong merge
     new 4daff70  group parquet-format version in one property
     new 8af5a22  Fix Binary.equals().
     new 0b3400a  Merge pull request #215 from Parquet/binary_equals
     new 31aaa53  Merge pull request #213 from aniket486/parquet_format_pom_refactor
     new f4d6e17  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new 0334948  parquet-hive should ship and uber jar
     new bbfa4ac  Address comments on pull request
     new 700c223  Merge pull request #220 from brockn/master
     new 1028fb9  make pig, hadoop and log4j jars provided
     new e54735a  Merge branch 'master' into cleanup_dependencies
     new 61af0b9  Merge pull request #221 from Parquet/cleanup_dependencies
     new 014f583  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.6
     new 9424018  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new de81ee8  changelog for 1.2.5 and 1.2.6
     new 6b5d2d1  fix bug: set raw data size to 0 after reset
     new 8e1110b  Merge pull request #222 from Parquet/fix_dic_fallback_page_cutting
     new f4ad9df  refactor encoded values changes and test that resetDictionary works
     new e0c5ac8  Merge pull request #223 from Parquet/dictionary_reset
     new ab7959d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.7
     new f587471  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 493bb9f  Changing read and write methods in ParquetInputSplit so that they can deal with large schemas (avoiding use of writeUTF and readUTF which are limited to 65536 characters).
     new d2ccc72  Breaks parquet-hive up into several submodules, creating infrastructure to handle various versions of Hive going forward.
     new f18bc49  enable globing files for parquetTupleScheme, refactor unit tests and remove binary test fixture
     new d7c8467  Merge pull request #224 from dave2718/master
     new d7994dc  add changelog tool
     new 60c6512  Updates Hive 0.12 compatability patch by adressing all comments from Julien's review plus a few additional cleanups, specifically:
     new 4d13df5  encapuslate getFooter into a separate method
     new c31a6be  Merge pull request #228 from Parquet/glob_files_for_parquet_tuple_scheme
     new c2499da  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.8
     new e1d335b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 842500e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.8
     new 6cb038c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3b4ae5e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new b297c73  optimize chunk scan; fix compressed size
     new 476b8ea  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new e1ce063  check if pig is loaded when writing pig metadata
     new 7dfd436  format
     new 7fa1b6a  make cascading a provided dependency
     new 3b829a2  refactor get codec logic to remove duplication in DeprecatedParquetOutputFormat
     new 70f29c7  add cascading dependency to scrooge, and add cascading.version propertie in project pom
     new 6fa653b  Merge pull request #236 from Parquet/make_cascading_a_provided_dependency
     new 8b0d05c  Merge pull request #229 from Parquet/changelog_tool
     new 407a52d  fix missing codec
     new 7641feb  Merge pull request #227 from brockn/master
     new 716a030  remove lzo test and lzo dependency
     new 0b61cd9  Merge branch 'not_write_pig_meta_data_only_when_pig_is_not_avaliable' into handle_codec_not_found
     new 5a04096  license header
     new 491481e  Merge pull request #235 from Parquet/not_write_pig_meta_data_only_when_pig_is_not_avaliable
     new f7b2cd7  make CodecConfig a factory
     new 2e3a370  restore getCompression methods in ParquetOutputFormat for compatibility
     new 0810736  fix pom version caused by bad merge
     new 3db0d58  Merge pull request #238 from Parquet/fix_version
     new 8958626  Merge branch 'master' into handle_codec_not_found
     new e879680  Merge pull request #237 from Parquet/handle_codec_not_found
     new 92a47b2  Fix hive map and array inspectors with null containers
     new a39ad4c  fix loader cache
     new ca01d15  make the cache use a SoftReference
     new 090d542  Update
     new aca1d8b  Merge pull request #234 from Parquet/optimize_chunk_scan
     new c95cb21  Merge pull request #239 from Parquet/hive_fix_null_maps
     new 760367b  Update reference to 0.10 in Hive012Binding javadoc and remove some trailing whitespace I noticed when while updating the javadoc.
     new 54308f7  Merge pull request #241 from brockn/master
     new c73754b  use latest stable release of cascading: 2.5.1
     new 3f75f0e  Merge pull request #233 from fs111/master
     new bb9d898  Merge pull request #240 from Parquet/fix_loader_cache
     new 22282a9  upgrade elephant-bird version to 4.3
     new 600e7c9  Merge pull request #242 from Parquet/upgrade_eb_to_4_3
     new 7436d8f  add source to parquet-hive-binding
     new eb4966f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.9
     new a6f140c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e5ed117  Update
     new 8e23c24  add parquet cascading integration documentation
     new 9df136c  fix typo
     new 99798b5  fix grammar
     new 955cd7e  plural for records
     new 847df8f  fix changelog
     new 59601d7  Update
     new a347481  improve changelog
     new 17146c3  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new e2d819c  Loading correct pbClass to ProtoSchemaConverter
     new 08a204d  Depricated init override removed
     new 83f0646  pom.xml version 1.2.10-SNAPSHOT
     new 0517253  TestUtils refactoring
     new c590038  Obsolete test removed
     new 5bb9e8d  integrate parquet format 2.0
     new 314ac2b  Merge pull request #245 from Parquet/integrate_parquet_format_2
     new 652b0fe  Merge branch 'master' into plumb_original_type
     new e36b2f0  implement error handler
     new 8269a6f  handle extra field in data
     new 3d4513f  add checkEnum
     new 564f370  add tests, fix bug
     new da4b7fd  refactor
     new bdf5d6b  Merge pull request #187 from davidzchen/plumb_original_type
     new f5eb89d  Merge pull request #244 from Parquet/feature/error_handler
     new e29c2df  fix when field index is greater than zero
     new e94b392  format
     new cd00dc8  Merge pull request #247 from Parquet/fix/detect_extra_field_when_index_is_not_start_from_zero
     new aad047a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.10
     new 5f13c8c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0743b60  Update
     new 0a01dae  Use ContextUtil in tests to avoid dependency on parts of new MR API that are incompatible between MR1 and MR2.
     new 0df24f0  Rename ParquetInputFormat#addInputPathRecursively to avoid clash with non-static Hadoop 2 method of same name on FileInputFormat.
     new ea9fd20  Fix syntax error in test that Pig 0.12 complains about.
     new e83778a  make summary files read in parallel; improve memory footprint of metadata
     new f21fb31  Merge pull request #248 from tomwhite/hadoop-2-compatibility-fixes
     new 884a5e5  Merge pull request #243 from Parquet/parquet_cascading_doc
     new a34507d  pretty_print_json_for_compatibility_checker
     new 18012a0  Merge pull request #250 from Parquet/pretty_print_json_for_compatibility_checker
     new da066e7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.2.11
     new 313c300  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 392a801  refactor
     new 0888bde  adress comments
     new 67a7a9d  Add writer version flag to parquet and make initial changes for supported parquet 2.0 encodings
     new d185966  pom version fix
     new cf9a367  Merge pull request #252 from Parquet/refactor_error_handler
     new f2e7baa  Resolves issue #251 by doing additional checks if Hive returns "Unknown" as a version.
     new 956ad07  Merge pull request #256 from brockn/master
     new 4a18684  changes for code review comments - enum as params, shortname for writerversion
     new f61331e  In HIVE-5783 we will need a bundle jar to depend on that does not include the Hive Serde since Hive trunk will contain the Hive Serde.
     new a68c8fc  Merge pull request #254 from Parquet/parquet_2.0_writer
     new c817785  delta int bin pack
     new d617084  formatting and license header
     new 290385c  format
     new 74269e4  Merge pull request #253 from Parquet/delta_int
     new 978e396  ProtoSchemaConverterUnitTest
     new ffcc0b8  Merge pull request #257 from brockn/master
     new 2737282  optimize consecutive row groups scans
     new a4aef0d  Initial commit
     new 861016b  Removing hadoop-core dependency conflict
     new dba65be  tests for Input and Output Formats
     new 16b2f73  ProtoSchemaConverter Code Style
     new 1394236  CodeStyle
     new c1b6161  add delta length byte arrays and delta byte arrays encodings
     new 5051acc  fix minor typo in Encoding reader
     new 017d088  minor javadoc changes
     new 82b889c  Merge pull request #1 from Parquet/master
     new 1f75813  junit test for enum schema conversion
     new 51ca71a  remove old package info
     new 52ffcfe  remove commented code
     new f2e607e  add unit test
     new 7def49c  Adds parquet-jackson module to jackson-dependent modules
     new 3013b9f  Merge pull request #249 from Parquet/metadata_opt
     new 124f2ed  Merge branch 'master' into optimize_scan
     new 3c91e46  refactor dictionary page handling
     new dc7addc  update with correct junit imports
     new 30adb12  Adds small comment
     new 9af4125  turn on parquet 2.0 flags
     new e91cda9  Merge pull request #259 from Parquet/delta_strings
     new 2b80e47  Merge branch 'master' into add-parquet-jackson-module
     new cc8375c  Merge pull request #258 from Parquet/optimize_scan
     new 1e69167  Renames jackson.shade.prefix property into shade.prefix
     new 8926033  Replaces org.codehaus.jackson groupId with corresponding maven property
     new 1ef3e9f  Adds README with some explanations
     new ee6d882  Renames jackson.shade.prefix property to shade.prefix (part2)
     new 87864cb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.3.0
     new a609147  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f7a9023  correct byte[] storage
     new 5997bf5  #projection test
     new 96f2300  #projection test - fix - cannot use inner class as mapper
     new 985002e  Code cleanup
     new b273684  ConverterTest
     new 99b7e52  new root directory
     new 94b2ec0  delete .idea directory
     new a717bbf  merge
     new d708c7d  parquet-protobuf added to root pom.xml
     new 919db0b  Consistent naming protoXYZ
     new c8188f3  pom - latest version
     new 1f4a9db  Code cleanup
     new c7c39c3  Repeated Messages test
     new 47cd572  Method ProtoParquetInputFormat.setRequestedProjection signature
     new 565638f  refactor
     new 1d1dd2f  1. refactor: maket ThriftSchemaConverter pluggable, can use ThriftStructConverter or ScroogeStructConvert to convert class to ThriftType 2. support scrooge read projection pushdown 3. add scroogeReadSupport
     new ebc87de  format
     new 0fb0173  merge master
     new b9e272a  fix test
     new 36c3b66  format
     new 7c0d290  Code cleanup
     new 63b710d  Code cleanup - Enum comparsions
     new 8ed45d0  Unnecessary unboxing
     new 31e4b06  Url to main parquet repo
     new e4e9fc2  Update
     new 0261cd6  upgrade parquet-mr to elephant-bird 4.4
     new 622a400  handler only handle ignored field, exception during will be thrown as SkippableException
     new 2e43df5  fixes #265: add semver validation checks to non-bundle builds
     new 7dac815  Merge pull request #266 from aniket486/upgrade_eb_4.4
     new 79cc35d  Merge pull request #267 from Parquet/handler_only_handle_ignored_fields
     new 5f57e46  bump maven-enforcer to 1.3.1 and remove some xml cruft
     new 9199f3e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.3.1
     new a906f0f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 954f39b  new ElephantBird (4.3) + correct dependencies.
     new b752260  ElephantBird 4.4 + hadoop client dependency
     new 063edb4  Merge pull request #260 from laurentgo/add-parquet-jackson-module
     new 55ebcac  Bumps parquet-jackson parent version
     new 283293f  Merge pull request #269 from laurentgo/fix-parquet-jackson-parent-version
     new da96420  Merge branch 'master' of into add_semver_checks
     new 4dae164  unused method in TestUtils
     new bc610e5  pom version 1.3.2-SNAPSHOT
     new 880da33  ignore jackson packaging changes w.r.t semver
     new 3830a15  add maven central as a repo to work around Travis build issues with semver
     new c1e86d8  remove snapshots=false from maven central xml
     new 81ab426  Make package java.parquet.proto.converters (mostly) package protected
     new 2207cb9  switches on enums
     new 0991475  Code style - small fixes
     new f232e77  Make ParquetInputSplit extend FileSplit
     new 5c6876a  Revert "Make ParquetInputSplit extend FileSplit"
     new af880ec  Make ParquetInputSplit extend FileSplit
     new 6664165  fix MapredParquetInputFormat exception issue caused by ParquetInputSplit extending FileSplit
     new c1298b7  Force <previousVersion>
     new 8c8cbde  Merge pull request #268 from Parquet/add_semver_checks
     new 46b1ad0  fix bug: when enum index being written is the last index defined in the Enum, a DecodingSchemaMismatchException is thrown. maintain enum loopup table in EnumType
     new 40f9b24  name fix
     new ff62194  Merge pull request #271 from Parquet/fix_bug_enum_last_value_exception
     new b2184b8  add 1.3.1
     new 8fb0b02  Update
     new 0dfb067  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.3.2
     new f012db0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9bdaff9  Add code of conduct to
     new ac8968e  prettify a few lines
     new 471a693  1.3.2
     new 81f33a6  Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'
     new c00409a  exclude ParquetInputSplit from semver check which seems to have an issue with inherited method check
     new 21faa3d  Merge pull request #270 from ledbit/master
     new a8be812 - mark Protobuf support as in dev
     new a2691a7  Exception message
     new 6763f71  storage of repeated fields without extra level
     new bbacdf0  storage of repeated fields without extra level - missing protobuffer
     new b25de98  style: junit.framework to org.junit
     new da17462  Matching parquet and pbfields by index
     new 3c0ab7a  List cannot be empty
     new 942cfe2  Dictionary enum conversion
     new d00eb4e  Merge branch 'master' of into junit_framework_to_org
     new e4329cd  move from junit3 to junit4
     new 6edfa7e  ProtoWriteSupport unit tests
     new 8cc4cec  New ProtoWriteSupport
     new 496e3fd  Scalar Converters are part of Message converter
     new 5b1b79c  javadoc
     new 02f7707  ProtoMessageConverter case
     new 2d9cf95  make setup calls static in tests
     new b929d19  Merge pull request #280 from aniket486/junit_framework_to_org
     new c8b7ba8  Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into protobuf
     new 5ffaba9  Maven shade plugin removed
     new b1a6774  version 1.3.3-SNAPSHOT + shade plugin
     new 024d5ab  build fix - deleted package
     new 8ecb0b2  first use current thread's classloader to load a class, if current thread does not have a classloader, use the class's current classloader to load a class. This will make sure a class not packaged in parquet but on classpath loaded properly. Otherwise, for example, if you set your own ReadSupport class to the Configuration object and expect it to be loaded by ParquetInputFormat, it will fail and throw ClassNotFoundException.
     new a1b7a31  use utility method from Configuration class to load class to avoid ClassNotFoundException
     new 83bb4b8  Added ParquetWriter() that takes an instance of Hadoop's Configuration.
     new f2f8e42  Fix to read a new avro schema...
     new be43f88  Make setting requested projection and avro schema more independent, so that you only need to set the Avro schema if it is different to the writer's schema.
     new 01bba92  Support promotion of int, long and float to wider types.
     new e29d26b  Use a default Avro read schema when none specified in Parquet-Avro.
     new ab54b70  Add tests for reading Parquet files using the default Avro schema.
     new 0185b49  Minor changes following Julien's review
     new aadaae5  Revert change making field final that failed compatibility test.
     new 644bf00  Merge pull request #282 from tomwhite/avro-default-read-schema
     new 3d7d9ad  Merge pull request #292 from esammer/master
     new 137b1e2  Merge pull request #289 from allanyan/master
     new 68b5314  better error messages, create ParquetScroogeInputFormat class
     new 045343d  Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into protobuf
     new 38241cc  Ports HIVE-5783 to the parquet-hive module so that patches can be ported between the two code bases with ease. Note that the code base in Hive itself should be considered the golden copy and any changes made there and then ported to the parquet-hive module.
     new 083c513  Convert ParquetHiveSerDe back to SerDe interface to support Hive 0.10
     new 1be4d6c  bugfix: reorder fields in thrift struct caused writting nulls. fixed it by keeping track of which fields are being written in each level, and only write nulls when current level is finished in MessageColumnIO
     new 02f50f7  rename var
     new 94d703c  Fill in default values for new fields in the read schema that were not in the write schema.
     new 0d111b1  remove fieldCount from marker
     new 5dccd0c  format
     new 6496bcc  Merge pull request #298 from Parquet/bugfix_reorder_thrift_fields_causing_writting_nulls
     new 76bbf4a  [CASCADING] Provide the sink implementation in order to write some parquet files with ParquetTupleScheme
     new cc59a40  Don't deep copy immutable primitive types.
     new 808de5d  Support field renaming for Avro read schemas, by means of field aliases.
     new de7ae6b  Add explicit blank namespaces to account for change in AVRO-1295 in Avro 1.7.5.
     new 3151b2f  Merge pull request #299 from tomwhite/avro-fill-in-default-values
     new 29fe0e0  Merge pull request #303 from tomwhite/avro-read-schema-aliases
     new cad7f56  Update poms to use thrift.exectuable property.
     new c48e8c1  HIVE-6456 - Implement Parquet schema evolution
     new 555837a  Support field renaming for Avro read schemas, by means of field aliases.
     new 7593e65  Add explicit blank namespaces to account for change in AVRO-1295 in Avro 1.7.5.
     new 8102836  Merge the parquet-tools project into parquet-mr.
     new 8cc8bdc  Merge the parquet-tools project into parquet-mr.
     new 588f868  Merge branch 'merge_parquet_tools' of into merge_parquet_tools
     new 712e6d7  fix compile error in previous commit
     new 7b0778c  Merge pull request #297 from brockn/master
     new ed08077  Don't fail if no default value specified for a new value in the read schema.
     new e237fc4  Don't shade Jackson since Avro exposes Jackson classes in its public API for representing default values for fields.
     new c7e892c  merge master
     new b07b160  Merge pull request #262 from Parquet/scrooge_schema_converter
     new 70eada4  NULL tuples cause NPE when writing
     new 000659a  Merge pull request #1 from jalkjaer/cascading_sink
     new 509e268  Better writing of a loop
     new 7043a64  Initial int96 implementation.
     new 77a355a  Extending example and group classes for int96.
     new 34b90d7  Removing Int96 class, using Binary instead.
     new 56387e3  Remove int96 references from RecordConsumer and Converters.
     new 6b2eef9  Delegate fixed and int96 types to convertBINARY.
     new d7c7395  Merge Fixed dictionary with Binary dictionary.
     new 3fc099f  Factoring out common Binary impl in dictionary writer.
     new 2403257  Use toStringUsingUTF8 to fix tests.
     new af2380f  Add NanoTime to example.
     new a5d2de1  Add avro constructors with Configuration for #295.
     new 603c0dc  Fix avro schema conv for arrays of optional type for #312.
     new 5e74bbe  Add Configuration constructor in thrift writer for #295.
     new 8cc3e29  Merge pull request #313 from rdblue/295-add-conf
     new 132f75d  Merge pull request #293 from rdblue/int96-support
     new d356578  Merge pull request #264 from lukasnalezenec/protobuf
     new 6063921  Merge pull request #285 from mickaellcr/cascading_sink
     new f93c9cf  Update cascading doc with Scrooge projection down.
     new e392359  Merge pull request #316 from rdblue/thrift-prefix
     new 2d5563b  Merge pull request #311 from tomwhite/avro-null-default-values-bug
     new b722e7b  Merge pull request #314 from rdblue/312-fix-avro-array-of-optional
     new 3cfea0a  Merge pull request #310 from wesleypeck/merge_parquet_tools
     new deb5e5d  oauth based authentication; fix grep change
     new 459b29b  Merge pull request #319 from Parquet/fix_changelog
     new a08d257  Spelling fix
     new eb77222  Merge pull request #320 from posix4e/master
     new 9899e5b  fix filesystem resolution
     new 0b5116a  Merge pull request #329 from Parquet/fix_file_system_resolution
     new 1920abc  compress schemas in input splits
     new d0e548f  a bit of jar size optimization
     new 4246d18  close gzip stream in finally
     new 9fdafc0  Merge pull request #333 from Parquet/compress_schemas_in_split
     new 737a5d5  issue #290, hive map conversion to parquet schema
     new 3d4311f  remove originalType check for typeEquals of GroupType and add tests for HiveSchemaConverter
     new ba94119  protobuf dependency version changed from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0
     new ee00e61  protobuf dependency version changed from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0 - commit fix
     new 05dea98   issue #324, move ParquetStringInspector to org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.objectinspector.primitive package
     new 621cf4e  Added statistics to Parquet pages and rowGroups
     new 860e123  remove originalType check for typeEquals of GroupType and add tests for HiveSchemaConverter
     new 5ba0ff1  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 7b5e2ec  Addresses some initial comments. Javadocs, removed StatsHelper
     new 73d6617  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.4.0
     new db13f19  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 670c940  Merge branch 'master' of into stats
     new 594c47e  Added licence to new files
     new 616f778  Update
     new 44f31c5  Update
     new 125529b   issue #324, move ParquetStringInspector to org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.objectinspector.primitive package
     new e8d9763  Merge branch 'master' of into issue324
     new 9f43945  Refactored the *Statistics classes to reuse more code. Added Binary compareTo methods
     new 7345536  Merge branch 'issue324' of into issue324
     new 07c5472  Merge branch 'issue324' of into issue324
     new 82ec584  issue #324 remove additional tab
     new 47ff4ab  Merge branch 'issue324' of into issue324
     new 156b186  remove duplicate code
     new c54cad5  compress kv pairs in ParquetInputSplits
     new 5207422  Merge pull request #342 from Parquet/compress_kv_pairs_in_split
     new 253eb6a  select * from parquet hive table containing map columns runs into exception. Issue #341.
     new e1b4800  set cascading version to 2.5.3
     new 6aeaa52  Merge pull request #345 from epishkin/cascading_2.5.3
     new f9a8676  stop using strings and b64 for compressed input splits
     new ce2301e  Merge pull request #346 from Parquet/compress_kv_pairs_in_split
     new 5b8af1f  set reading length in ThriftBytesWriteSupport to avoid potential OOM caused by corrupted data
     new f5edd0a  Merge pull request #347 from Parquet/check_read_length_avoid_oom
     new 3f5de76  Merge pull request #344 from szehon/master
     new 30810ff  fix header bug
     new 05327c1  Added hashCode() method for Statistics class
     new 16d38e2  Fix bug #350, fixed length argument out of order.
     new 27f71a1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.4.1
     new bad0012  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 93359c0  Added length check for comparing two byte arrays
     new f98de75  adding comments
     new 41df190  Merge pull request #349 from Parquet/null_header
     new b8149e9  ParquetThriftStorer
     new a13ae41  cleanup
     new 0943978  headers
     new 67c1e11  use own test fixtures
     new 6417bae  1. upgrade scrooge dep to 3.12.1  2. fix bug when an enum field is optional, scroogeSchemaConverter would fail
     new ddca03c  cleanup log messages in tests
     new de0bfe3  cleanup log messages in tests
     new 9ef1be6  cleanup log messages in tests
     new f5c3151  Expose values in SimpleRecord
     new f8877f1  cleanup log messages for default codec
     new 110fe21  fix test runtime dep missing from pig
     new d093f49  reverse codec changes
     new 3fad816  Fix output bug during parquet-dump command
     new 79a4ac8  Merge pull request #352 from Parquet/ParquetThriftStorer
     new 5d06526  generate splits by min max size, and align to HDFS block when possible
     new 796b7dd  do not call schema converter to generate projected schema when the projectionFilterStrubg or projectionSchemaStr is specified
     new 3321b67  fix enum to be upper case
     new f4a0900  remove unused code
     new b55eea0  make ParquetFileWriter throw IOException in invalid state case
     new eeae127  Merge pull request #367 from Parquet/ioexception
     new 6b7bc54  Merge pull request #366 from Parquet/avoid_convert_thrift_scrooge_class_when_projection_is_not_specified
     new 0a96b2c  local variable of hdfsBlock
     new dd8c32a  fix missing space
     new 23958b8  check maxSplit size must be greater or equal to minSplitSize
     new 83493c5  maxSplitSize should always be positive
     new 2056bfa  separate out getParquetInputSplit method in the SplitInfo class, reduce LOC in the generateSplit method
     new fca4cc9  move parseMessageType out of the loop
     new 7845cc7  1. remove unused readSupportClass parameter from generateSplit method; 2. double check split min max to be postive in the getSplits method; 3. explicit import java.util.xx in test
     new 9814332  add more tests so the hdfsSize is not multiple of rowGroup size
     new ac816d9  min split size default to 0
     new 83e34be  add non-negative check in generateSplits method
     new a85b7fd  better message
     new 4c870b0  Merge pull request #362 from nealsid/master
     new 8e348e6  create a getStartingPos in ColumnChunkMetaData
     new 00d631c  make SplitInfo contain the hdfsBlock
     new 9705f49  1. check row groups are sorted; 2. add getStartingPos for BlockMetadata, which returns the startingPos for the first Column
     new 70707e4  use getStartingPos for BlockMetadata, which returns the startingPos for the first Column
     new 05c3e27  ensure SimpleRecord#getValues() is unmodifiable
     new 9f672d6  use mid point of a row group to decide to create a split or not
     new bba221d  format
     new 72dbbdc  Merge pull request #353 from Parquet/bugfix_failed_convert_to_scrooge_struct_when_enum_is_optional
     new ac2b15e  change name to checkBelongingToANewHDFSBlock
     new 93d11c5  Merge pull request #365 from Parquet/generate_splits_by_min_max_size
     new 8aeea14  Merge pull request #335 from tongjiechen/master
     new c0b9622  Merge pull request #359 from mping/patch-1
     new c9445a3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.4.2
     new 10a0af6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 76d05fa  Update
     new 7640224  Adding back the Page() and writePage() methods for backward-compatibility The methods now pass an empty Stats object downstream
     new 3e90b41  Merge branch 'master' of into stats
     new 78491a4  adding 1.4.1 as previous version
     new f6a2218  configure semver to enforce semantic versioning
     new 9a38aec  fix metadata concurency problem
     new 6aed528  Merge pull request #381 from Parquet/fix_concurency_problem
     new 3f25ad9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.4.3
     new 00e794a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0e334ca  Use parameterized to test with and without dictionary.
     new 5d1a66a  protobuf 2.5 instalation script for Travis
     new 636457c  protobuf 2.5 instalation script for Travis - build fix
     new af74b79  protobuf 2.5 instalation script for Travis - pushd/popd
     new 5106593  protobuf 2.5 instalation script for Travis - fix
     new cb3e514  protobuf 2.5 instalation script for Travis - remove make check
     new 346b387  Merge pull request #337 from tongjiechen/issue324
     new 57b0131  Merge pull request #336 from lukasnalezenec/protobuf
     new 50701e7  Merge branch 'master' into tweak_semver
     new 163bf6b  Add support for DECIMAL type annotation.
     new a1d7260  Fix primitive type equality for fixed with different lengths.
     new 3af02db  Add more tests for type builders.
     new 63ffdce  Add test for decimal with unsupported primitive types.
     new 299e0ca  Add Types builder API documentation.
     new 73d7558  Simplify Types API by moving repetition.
     new 5c80705  Update documentation and formatting.
     new 9ef22e6  Fix maximum precision calculation, account for sign bit.
     new 86501c2  Add INT32 and INT64 as supported types for DECIMAL.
     new acaac8b  Implement code review changes.
     new c825e89  Remove unchecked casts from Types.Builder.
     new 0189ff1  Fix more code review finds.
     new db31a49  upgrade semver and add exclude for shaded stuff
     new 638c044  update version
     new 9f75dd1  Merge pull request #355 from rdblue/decimal
     new 0c740e0  remove exclude for Split
     new bcd2ec5  remove unnecessary version number in parquet-scrooge
     new d08313c  add release 1.4.3 to changelog
     new 7d335d8  Merge pull request #378 from Parquet/tweak_semver
     new 96b94e1  Merge pull request #351 from rdblue/350-fix-int96-dictionary
     new ff830a9  previous version to 1.4.2
     new 2678e39  Merge branch 'master' of into stats
     new c98d8af  adding back the parquet-hadoop methods that don't have statistics parameters, for backward comp
     new 041146e  Fixed hadoop WriteSupportClass loading
     new 882740f  return NullCounter when read via Cascading, but not within a cluster side job
     new 05b4e7c  Merge pull request #338 from egonina/stats
     new cc28822  Added padding for columns not found in file schema
     new 70bb0ea  fixes for converting from bytes, toString() methods, writing stats to Footer, unit testing for MAX/MIN_VALUE
     new 4d42afb  Merge pull request #392 from egonina/stats
     new 10dc714  Added test for null padding
     new d5a8f9f  Merge pull request #389 from dcw-netflix/pad-schema
     new 24076a4  Fixed issue with column pruning when using requested schema
     new fb7dba1  Updated test and remove shortcut return statement in loader
     new b70509d  Merge pull request #397 from dcw-netflix/requested-schema-pruning
     new 8091a1b  fix null stats
     new 7e4346b  merging with fix_null_stats branch
     new e4991ff  Merge branch 'master' of into stats
     new 4fee0a7  Bug fix - resetting stats after writing page. Fixed unit test to test reading footer
     new 54f9b10  Cleaning up + testing small & large values
     new fd8d18f  Merge pull request #399 from egonina/stats
     new 7997745  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.5.0
     new b2f0fae  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 01d5157  Update
     new a05afe2  Merge pull request #387 from ambiata/fix-writeclass
     new ee0b98c  Merge pull request #388 from fs111/master
     new b767ac4  Update
     new 859b6b4  PARQUET-3: tool to merge pull requests based on Spark
     new 9ad5485  PARQUET-2: Adding Type Persuasion for Primitive Types
     new 4ad7303  Minor fix
     new 9c2fab4  PARQUET-6: Create documentation on how to contribute.
     new 2d8ebdb  PARQUET-9: Filtering records across multiple blocks
     new 5dffe35  PARQUET-4: Use LRU caching for footers in ParquetInputFormat.
     new f6c02e2  PARQUET-21: Fix reference to 'github-apache' in dev docs
     new fb01048  PARQUET-18: Fix all-null value pages with dict encoding.
     new f284238  PARQUET-22: Backport of HIVE-6938 adding rename support for parquet
     new 4a07b3f  PARQUET-25. Pushdown predicates only work with hardcoded arguments.
     new 17864df  Column index access support
     new fc2c29d  PARQUET-19: Fix NPE when an empty file is included in a Hive query that uses CombineHiveInputFormat
     new ad32bf0  Add a unified and optionally more constrained API for expressing filters on columns
     new b0e26ee  Only call put() when needed in SchemaCompatibilityValidator#validateColumn()
     new 21d871b  PARQUET-56: Added an accessor for the Long column type.
     new 0793e49  PARQUET-57 - Update dev README to clarify two points
     new 0148455  PARQUET-13: The `-d` option for `parquet-schema` shouldn't have optional argument
     new 3a396d3  PARQUET-59: Fix parquet-scrooge test on hadoop-2.
     new b86b01b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.6.0rc1
     new 08a3c6a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0d497c4  PARQUET-73: Add support for FilterPredicates to cascading schemes
     new 7af955a  PARQUET-50: Re-Enable the semver enforcer
     new 7b415fa  Parquet-70: Fixed storing pig schema to udfcontext for non projection case and moved...
     new 45e5810  PARQUET-69: Committer doc
     new 54bb983  PARQUET-62: Fix binary dictionary write bug.
     new 792b149  PARQUET-67: mechanism to add extra metadata in the footer
     new 84ebe4c  PARQUET-66: Upcast blockSize to long to prevent integer overflow.
     new 8474f6d  PARQUET-80: upgrade semver plugin version to 0.9.27
     new d3cd97a  PARQUET-75: Fixed string decode performance issue
     new 7a10506  PARQUET-8: bump scrooge-maven-plugin version
     new f8b06df  do ProtocolEvents fixing only when there is required fields missing in the requested schema
     new 647b8a7  PARQUET-63: Enable dictionary encoding for FIXED.
     new 5dafd12  PARQUET-84: Avoid reading rowgroup metadata in memory on the client side.
     new 5f39948  update scala 2.10
     new 24119cc  upgrade scalatest_version to depend on scala 2.10.4
     new f637c44  PARQUET-87: Add API for projection pushdown on the cascading scheme level
     new fbe458f  PARQUET-88: fix pre-version enforcement
     new 8d878af  PARQUET-24: enforce JIRA prefix
     new 316b568  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.6.0rc2
     new 501e8fe  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9cdcf3b  PARQUET-94: Fix bug in ParquetScroogeScheme constructor, minor cleanup
     new 3dc223c  PARQUET-92: Pig parallel control
     new 0eb9637  PARQUET-89: Add hadoop-2 test profile for Travis CI.
     new 59c58d0  PARQUET-82: Check page size is valid when writing.
     new 0c4f13a  PARQUET-101: fix meta data lookup when not using task.side.metadata
     new 3a082e8  PARQUET-90: integrate field ids in schema
     new bf20abb  PARQUET-96: fill out some missing methods on parquet.example classes
     new 0b17cbe  PARQUET-104: Fix writing empty row group at the end of the file
     new da91299  PARQUET-64: Add new OriginalTypes in parquet-format 2.2.0.
     new be1222e  PARQUET-107: Add option to disable summary metadata.
     new 31fb4df  PARQUET-105: use mvn shade plugin to create uber jar, support meta on a folder
     new ccfca8f  PARQUET-106: Relax InputSplit Protections
     new a29815a  PARQUET-123: Enable dictionary support in AvroIndexedRecordConverter
     new f1da5e9  PARQUET-121: Allow Parquet to build with Java 8
     new 92e6d71  PARQUET-122: make task side metadata true by default
     new 251a495  PARQUET-135: Input location is not getting set for the getStatistics in ParquetLoader when using two different loaders within a Pig script.
     new d105819  PARQUET-132: Add type parameter to AvroParquetInputFormat.
     new 3aa6f11  PARQUET-114: Sample NanoTime class serializes and deserializes Timestamp incorrectly
     new ad06e61  PARQUET-52: refactor fallback mechanism
     new b5f6a3b  PARQUET-140: Allow clients to control the GenericData instance used to read Avro records
     new ccc29e4  PARQUET-117: implement the new page format for Parquet 2.0
     new b7a82a9  PARQUET-145 InternalParquetRecordReader.close() should not throw an exception if initialization has failed
     new 8e2ea92  PARQUET-150 Update merge script issue id matching.
     new 23db4eb  PARQUET-108: Parquet Memory Management in Java
     new 52f3240  PARQUET-141: upgrade to scrooge 3.17.0, remove reflection based field info inspection...
     new d70fdbc  PARQUET-168: Fixes parquet-tools command line option description
     new 4bf9be3  PARQUET-136: NPE thrown in StatisticsFilter when all values in a string/binary column trunk are null
     new 0751f97  PARQUET-174: Replaces AssertionError constructor introduced in Java7
     new d7dd228  PARQUET-133: Upgrade snappy-java to
     new e505e1f  PARQUET-124: normalize path checking to prevent mismatch between URI and ...
     new b4380f2  PARQUET-142: add path filter in ParquetReader
     new 32a9c6d  PARQUET-157: Divide by zero fix
     new a635f21  Update Travis CI link in
     new 3df3372  PARQUET-111: Updates for apache release
     new 8041735  PARQUET-173: Fixes `StatisticsFilter` for `And` filter predicate
     new 668d031  PARQUET-181: Scrooge Write Support (take two)
     new 05adc21  PARQUET-177: Added lower bound to memory manager resize
     new ce65dfb  PARQUET-139: Avoid reading footers when using task-side metadata
     new 807915b  PARQUET-116: Pass a filter object to user defined predicate in filter2 api
     new f48bca0  PARQUET-164: Add warning when scaling row group sizes.
     new 4f87e0f  PARQUET-190: fix an inconsistent Javadoc comment of ReadSupport.prepareForRead
     new f1b5487  PARQUET-191: Fix map Type to Avro Schema conversion.
     new c82f703  PARQUET-192: Fix map null encoding
     new 36a02dc  PARQUET-188: Change column ordering to match the field order.
     new fa8957d  PARQUET-187: Replace JavaConversions.asJavaList with JavaConversions.seqAsJavaList
     new d084ad2  PARQUET-160: avoid wasting 64K per empty buffer.
     new ea81e9a  PARQUET-186: Fix Precondition performance problem in SnappyUtil.
     new 998d650  PARQUET-134 patch - Support file write mode
     new 2583494  PARQUET-162: ParquetThrift should throw when unrecognized columns are passed to the column projection API
     new 5851e6d  PARQUET-197 : fix parquet-cascading not writing parquet metadata file
     new 2d1eaef  PARQUET-202 Typo in the connection info in the pom prevents publishing an RC
     new b2623f1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.6.0rc5
     new a7155a8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 12ee6b4  PARQUET-208: Revert PARQUET-197
     new 3fc2854  PARQUET-193: Implement nested types compatibility rules in Avro
     new ba43142  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.6.0rc6
     new cd89c88  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new a0c77b6  PARQUET-111: Update headers in parquet-tools, remove NOTICE.
     new 5acc6a5  PARQUET-97: make ProtoParquetReader#builder static
     new 031a762  PARQUET-172: Add parquet-thrift binary tests.
     new b58789c  PARQUET-180: Update use of TBinaryProtocol#setReadLength.
     new 77826fd  PARQUET-215 Discard records with unrecognized union members in the thrift write path
     new 9ee3a16  PARQUET-217 Use simpler heuristic in MemoryManager
     new 2e3c053  PARQUET-197 : Gen parquet metadata from cascading
     new ec6f200  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.6.0rc7
     new cb7f6a8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new fd3085e  PARQUET-204: add parquet-schema directory support
     new b8f5d89  PARQUET-189: Support building parquet with thrift 0.9.0
     new 4fea3ea  PARQUET-165: Add a new parquet-benchmark module
     new 9a92f39  PARQUET-165: Update parquet version in the benchmark module
     new 0ab0013  PARQUET-210: add JSON support for parquet-cat
     new 4ed0bdf  PARQUET-214: Fix Avro string regression.
     new 27ba681  PARQUET-230: Add build instructions to README.
     new bfb3145  PARQUET-220: Remove unnecessary warnings initializing ParquetRecordReader
     new ff7a486  Revert "PARQUET-220: Remove unnecessary warnings initializing ParquetRecordReader"
     new 4950ad8  PARQUET-242: Fix AvroReadSupport.setAvroDataSupplier.
     new f272a6e  PARQUET-234: Add ParquetInputSplit methods for compatibility.
     new 920192a  PARQUET-235: Fix parquet.metadata compatibility.
     new b613629  PARQUET-239: Make AvroParquetReader#builder static.
     new 828ff75  PARQUET-211: 1.6.0 release changes
     new 4f66077  PARQUET-211: Set version to 1.6.0 for release.
     new e101917  PARQUET-211: Set version for 1.7.0-incubating development.
     new f28aa71  PARQUET-252 : Support nests container types for scrooge support
     new 720b988  Revert "PARQUET-252 : Support nests container types for scrooge support"
     new b10870e  PARQUET-23: Rename to org.apache.parquet.
     new 7c42398  PARQUET-211: Update version for 1.8.0 development.
     new 4f7c704  PARQUET-245: Only run tests in Travis CI if build succeeds.
     new 9d744f7  PARQUET-268: Downgrade scrooge-maven-plugin.
     new 1be3878  PARQUET-270: Adds a legend for meta output to
     new b287d35  PARQUET-271: Fixes parquet-tools java examples
     new 9993450  PARQUET-227 Enforce that unions have only 1 set value, tolerate bad records in read path
     new 98f54c1  PARQUET-175 reading custom protobuf class
     new 22c6d08  PARQUET-269: Restore scrooge-maven-plugin to version 3.17.0
     new 7fc7998  PARQUET-229 Add a strict thrift projection API with backwards compat support
     new 890b387  PARQUET-252 : support nested container type for parquet-scrooge
     new b8aae90  PARQUET-272: Updates docs description to match data model
     new 9500c77  PARQUET-276: Updates CONTRIBUTING file with new repo info
     new c7d56cf  PARQUET-273 : remove usage of ReflectiveOperationException to support JAVA6
     new e5d9c6c  PARQUET-265: Update POM files for Parquet TLP.
     new 7680fae  PARQUET-254: Fixes exception message
     new 136c5ff  PARQUET-253: Fixes Javadoc of AvroSchemaConverter
     new 1dbcdf2  PARQUET-274: Updates URLs to link against the apache user instead of Parquet on github
     new 60edcf9  PARQUET-278 : enforce non empty group on MessageType level
     new a458e1a  PARQUET-243: Add Avro reflect support
     new 181affd  PARQUET-164: Add a counter and increment when parquet memory manager kicks in
     new ded56ff  PARQUET-287: Keep a least 1 column from union members when projecting thrift unions
     new 8769d0f  PARQUET-262: Restore semver checks.
     new dd92a9d  PARQUET-223: Add builders for MAP and LIST types
     new 213e952  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release parquet-1.8.0rc1
     new 33a2202  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4b5cda5  PARQUET-151: Skip writing _metadata file in case of no footers since schema cannot be determined.
     new d6f082b  PARQUET-285: Implement 3-level lists in Avro
     new 918609f  PARQUET-286: Update String support to match upstream Avro.
     new 2e62764  PARQUET-266: Add support for lists of primitives to Pig schema converter
     new 4590f14  PARQUET-246: fix incomplete state reset in DeltaByteArrayWriter.reset()
     new faf5421  PARQUET-263: Release changes from parquet-1.7.0 branch
     new 5f48f19  PARQUET-309: remove unnecessary compile dependency on parquet-generator
     new 1c16068  PARQUET-264: Remove remaining references to parquet being an incubator project
     new ad44321  PARQUET-297: generate Version class using parquet-generator
     new 079bcd0  PARQUET-297: Tests for PR 213 (Version generator)
     new 29283b7  PARQUET-314: Fix broken equals implementations
     new 89321a2  PARQUET-311: Fix NPE when debug logging metadata
     new 412ab96  PARQUET-306: Add row group alignment
     new 46448e9  PARQUET-201: Fix ValidTypeMap being overly strict with respect to OriginalTypes
     new 5c2ba72  PARQUET-284: Clean up ParquetMetadataConverter
     new cb04562  PARQUET-248: Add ParquetWriter.Builder.
     new 1f3e72f  PARQUET-317: Fix writeMetadataFile crash when a relative root path is used
     new e6ee42e  PARQUET-316: Fix the benchmark module
     new e3b9502  PARQUET-251: Binary column statistics error when reuse byte[] among rows
     new 9fde653  PARQUET-320: Fix semver problems for parquet-hadoop.
     new c7720ca  PARQUET-325: Always use row group size when padding is 0.
     new a747456  PARQUET-308: Add ParquetWriter#getDataSize accessor.
     new 2f2c8b1  PARQUET-289: Allow ParquetReader.Builder subclasses.
     new c334a1b  PARQUET-290: Add data model to Avro reader builder
     new 013b445  PARQUET-152: Add validation on Encoding.DELTA_BYTE_ARRAY to allow FIX…
     new f4e754e  PARQUET-324: row count incorrect if data file has more than 2^31 rows
     new 043fcde  PARQUET-246: File recovery and work-arounds
     new 4c7d752  PARQUET-329: Restore ThriftReadSupport#THRIFT_COLUMN_FILTER_KEY
     new 8f898da  PARQUET-292: Update for 1.8.0.
     new 0fda28a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.8.0
     new abfe355  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new fcd5682  PARQUET-279 : Check empty struct in compatibility checker
     new be9f3cb  PARQUET-331: Surface subprocess stderr in merge script
     new 8a2c618  PARQUET-338: Fix pull request example in README
     new f79c936  PARQUET-337 handle binary fields in set/map/list in parquet-scrooge
     new 8714dd0  PARQUET-336: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in checkDeltaByteArrayProblem
     new 8da9456  PARQUET-339: Add Alex Levenson to KEYS file
     new 07cefb8  Update CHANGES for 1.8.1 release
     new 4aba4da  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.8.1
     new 1dd5cec  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 83406b7  PARQUET-340: MemoryManager: max memory can be truncated
     new 454fc36  PARQUET-342: Updates to be Java 6 compatible
     new b86f68e  PARQUET-346: Minor fixes for PARQUET-350, PARQUET-348, PARQUET-346, PARQUET-345
     new 2f956f4  PARQUET-341 improve write performance for wide schema sparse data
     new 3f36b7b  PARQUET-362 - Fix parquet buffered writer being oversensitive to union schema changes
     new 01fbf81  PARQUET-343 Caching nulls on group node to improve write performance on wide schema sparse data
     new 2c90a9d  PARQUET-356: Update LICENSE files for code from ElephantBird.
     new 04f524d  PARQUET-361: Add semver prerelease logic.
     new 9962a0f  PARQUET-335: Remove Avro check for MAP_KEY_VALUE.
     new f203d80  PARQUET-363: Allow empty schema groups.
     new d24ecb3  PARQUET-376: Tolerate square brackets in PR titles
     new 415761d  Revert "PARQUET-376: Tolerate square brackets in PR titles"
     new 66e39fc  PARQUET-375: Update current release version in
     new 0637e2f  PARQUET-360: Handle all map key types with cat tool's json dump
     new c381968  PARQUET-355: Add Statistics Test for Parquet Columns
     new b1ea059  PARQUET-381: Add feature to merge metadata (summary) files, and control which files are generated
     new 5294c64  PARQUET-373: Fix flaky MemoryManager tests.
     new 5a45ae3  PARQUET-241: Fix ParquetInputFormat.getFooters() order
     new 6b605a4  PARQUET-77: ByteBuffer use in read and write paths
     new 440882c  PARQUET-364: Fix compatibility for Avro lists of lists.
     new 0912987  PARQUET-380: Fix build when using thrift 0.9.0.
     new efafa61  PARQUET-378: Add thoroughly parquet test encodings
     new 6308304  PARQUET-396: Extend ParquetReader.Builder<T>
     new f4918bb  PARQUET-398: Updates dev/
     new e32aa6f  PARQUET-398: Add 'spena' information to dev/
     new 14097c6  PARQUET-387: Improve NPE message when avro arrays contain null.
     new f2615d9  PARQUET-349: VersionParser does not handle versions missing 'build' section
     new dcd1c33  PARQUET-352: Add object model property to file footers.
     new a24d624  PARQUET-305: Update logging to SLF4J.
     new 5632640  PARQUET-99: Add page size check properties
     new b45c4bd  PARQUET-382: Add methods to append encoded data to files.
     new 4916903  PARQUET-353: Release compression resources.
     new fa7588c  PARQUET-334: UT test failure with Pig 0.15
     new 367fe13  PARQUET-318: Remove unnecessary object mapper
     new fbb2c9e  PARQUET-404: Replace for HTTPS URL on dev/ to avoid permission issues
     new 368588b  PARQUET-413: Fix Java 8 test failure.
     new 37f72dc  PARQUET-212: Implement LIST read compatibility rules in Thrift
     new 84b2b74  PARQUET-421: Fix mismatch of javadoc names and method parameters in m...
     new 30ee10d  PARQUET-422: Fix a potential bug in MessageTypeParser where we ignore…
     new c38386d  PARQUET-393: Update to parquet-format 2.3.1.
     new af9fd05  PARQUET-432: Complete a todo for method ColumnDescriptor.compareTo()
     new 5769479  PARQUET-480: Update for Cascading 3.0
     new 63d5ae7  PARQUET-495: Fix mismatches in Types class comments
     new 06a4689  PARQUET-410: Fix hanging subprocess call in merge script.
     new 0a711eb  PARQUET-415: Fix ByteBuffer Binary serialization.
     new a4acf53  PARQUET-509: Fix args passed to string format calls
     new c26fa78  PARQUET-385 PARQUET-379: Fixes strict schema merging
     new 6c9ca4d  PARQUET-430: Change to use Locale parameterized version of String.toUpperCase()/toLowerCase
     new 944291b  PARQUET-431: Make ParquetOutputFormat.memoryManager volatile
     new c44f982  PARQUET-529: Avoid evoking job.toString() in ParquetLoader
     new fb46b94  PARQUET-397: Implement Pig predicate pushdown
     new 1f91c79  PARQUET-528: Fix flush() for RecordConsumer and implementations
     new 4b1ff8f  PARQUET-384: Add dictionary filtering.
     new e9928c9  PARQUET-571: Fix potential leak in ParquetFileReader.close()
     new d402148  PARQUET-581: Fix two instances of the conflation of the min and max row
     new ac62c1c  PARQUET-580: Switch int[] initialization in IntList to be lazy
     new dc08bb8  PARQUET-584 show proper command usage when there's no arguments
     new 82b8ecc  PARQUET-484: Warn when Decimal is stored as INT64 while could be stored as INT32
     new 6b24a1d  PARQUET-358: Add support for Avro's logical types API.
     new 36ce032  PARQUET-585: Slowly ramp up sizes of int[]s in IntList to keep sizes small when data sets are small
     new 7419443  PARQUET-327. Show statistics in the dump output.
     new 8bcfe6c  PARQUET-225: Add support for INT64 delta encoding.
     new 3dd2210  PARQUET-548: Add EncodingStats.
     new 2f22533  PARQUET-569: Separate metadata filtering for ranges and offsets.
     new 39a3cd0  PARQUET-560: Synchronize writes to the finishCalled variable
     new c3f3830  PARQUET-372: Do not write stats larger than 4k.
     new da69d4b  PARQUET-367: "parquet-cat -j" doesn't show all records.
     new 1f47025  PARQUET-544: Add closed flag to allow for closeable contract adherence
     new 9c40a7b  PARQUET-645: Fix null handling in DictionaryFilter.
     new 7f8e952  PARQUET-642: Improve performance of ByteBuffer based read / write paths
     new bd0b5af  PARQUET-612: Add compression codec to FileEncodingsIT.
     new e036d60  PARQUET-654: Add option to disable record-level filtering.
     new 02ce9b0  PARQUET-663: Update
     new 42662f8  PARQUET-389: Support predicate push down on missing columns.
     new a421d95  PARQUET-540: Fix Cascading 3 build thrift and SLF4J.
     new 626014e  PARQUET-651: Improve Avro's isElementType check.
     new 6a62646  PARQUET-543: Remove unused boundedint package.
     new 60b6d5a  PARQUET-667: Update committers lists to point to apache website
     new 5c85b8d  PARQUET-511: Integer overflow when counting values in column.
     new ea402be  PARQUET-668 - Provide option to disable auto crop feature in dump
     new 76a2ac8  PARQUET-669: allow reading footers from provided file listing and streams
     new b301d12  PARQUET-667: Add back + update committers table
     new 30aa910  PARQUET-601: Add support to configure the encoding used by ValueWriters
     new c8d78b2  PARQUET-146: Move Parquet to Java 7
     new 898f3d0  PARQUET-400: Replace CompatibilityUtil with SeekableInputStream.
     new 255f108  PARQUET-460: merge multi parquet files to one file
     new 6dad1e3  PARQUET-696: fix travis build. Broken because google code shut down
     new 044de16  PARQUET-623: Fix DeltaByteArrayReader#skip.
     new e54ca61  PARQUET-660: Ignore extension fields in protobuf messages.
     new b59be86  PARQUET-674: Add InputFile abstraction for openable files.
     new 07a42d3  PARQUET-726: Increase max difference of testMemoryManagerUpperLimit to 10%
     new e6da0f6  PARQUET-685 - Deprecated ParquetInputSplit constructor passes paramet…
     new a0e6cc3  PARQUET-727: Ensure correct version of thrift is used
     new 06768d9  PARQUET-740: Introduce editorconfig
     new de99127  PARQUET-686: Do not return min/max for the wrong order.
     new 59ec4f0  PARQUET-743: Fix DictionaryFilter when compressed dictionaries are reused.
     new 31d0d4d  PARQUET-392: Update for 1.9.0.
     new 2a99abf  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.9.0
     new 27b9934  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0116aa7  PARQUET-392: Fix svn log message in
     new 1058b7d  PARQUET-392: Fix staging instructions in
     new ece4b70  PARQUET-751: Add setRequestedSchema to ParquetFileReader.
     new 38262e2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.9.0
     new aa416b5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new df9d8e4  PARQUET-423: Replace old Log class with SLF4J Logging
     new e5cd652  PARQUET-753: Fixed GroupType.union() to handle original type
     new 0ed977a  PARQUET-768: Add Uwe L. Korn to KEYS
     new cf99160  PARQUET-755: create parquet-arrow module with schema converter
     new 4453aa3  PARQUET-765 - Upgrade Avro to 1.8.1
     new 09d28fe  PARQUET-783: Close the underlying stream when an H2SeekableInputStream is closed
     new 7987a54  PARQUET-786: 'java -jar', not 'java jar' closes #377, #374
     new 4fd34e6  PARQUET-220: Unnecessary warning in ParquetRecordReader.initialize
     new 98c2769  PARQUET-321: Default maximum block padding to 8MB.
     new 71cff7c  PARQUET-791: Add missing column support for UserDefinedPredicate
     new 89e0607  PARQUET-801: Allow UserDefinedPredicates in DictionaryFilter
     new f68dbc3  PARQUET-825: Static analyzer findings (NPEs, resource leaks)
     new 6fb6085  PARQUET-822: Upgrade java dependencies
     new 3634821  PARQUET-806: Parquet-tools silently suppresses error messages
     new 2fd62ee  PARQUET-772: Fix locale-specific test failures.
     new 70f2881  PARQUET-665 Adds support for proto3
     new a703ee7  PARQUET-969: Update parquet-tools to convert Decimal datatype to BigD…
     new fd7cfed  PARQUET-196: parquet-tools command for row count & size
     new 1de41ef  PARQUET-852: Slowly ramp up sizes of byte[] in ByteBasedBitPackingEncoder
     new 9491d7a  PARQUET-990 More detailed error messages in footer parsing
     new 9d58b6a  Parquet-884: Add support for Decimal datatype to Parquet-Pig record reader
     new 2d3203b  PARQUET-1005: Fix DumpCommand parsing to allow column projection
     new 352b906  PARQUET-1026: allow unsigned binary stats when min == max
     new df9f8d8  PARQUET-1024: allow for case insensitive parquet-xxx prefix in PR title
     new ddbeb4d  PARQUET-777: Add Parquet CLI.
     new d55a572  PARQUET-1133 Add int96 support by returning bytearray, Skip originalType comparison for map types when originalType is null
     new 328c5de  PARQUET-1115: Warn users when misusing parquet-tools merge
     new 170cfa7  PARQUET-1152: Parquet-thrift doesn't compile with Thrift 0.9.3
     new c532b0e  PARQUET-1153: Parquet-thrift doesn't compile with Thrift 0.10.0
     new ba7b8ba  PARQUET-1149: Update Avro to 1.8.2
     new 132b2a8  PARQUET-1143: Update to Parquet format 2.4.0.
     new 81f4801  PARQUET-1156: Address dev/ problems.
     new 8bfd9b4  PARQUET-1142: Add alternatives to Hadoop classes in the API
     new da3e8eb  PARQUET-357: Parquet-thrift generates wrong schema for Thrift binary fields
     new 9191fbd  PARQUET-1141: Fix field ID handling
     new 2adb657  PARQUET-1077: Use long key ids in KEYS file
     new 3783ca4  PARQUET-1185: TestBinary#testBinary unit test fails after PARQUET-1141
     new 4d996d1  PARQUET-386: Printing out the statistics of metadata in parquet-tools
     new c6764c4  PARQUET-1025: Support new min-max statistics in parquet-mr
     new b80b184  PARQUET-1197: Log rat failures
     new 878ebcd  PARQUET-1191: Type.hashCode() takes originalType into account but Type.equals() does not
     new 89aeec0  PARQUET-1170: Logical-type-based toString for proper representeation in tools/logs
     new 6e0cc72  PARQUET-1065: Deprecate type-defined sort ordering for INT96 type.
     new 6a4bbe9  PARQUET-1198: Bump java source and target to java8
     new 445cb9d  PARQUET-1215: Add getFooter to ParquetWriter.
     new ad80bfe  PARQUET-1208: Occasional endless loop in unit test
     new 8bbc6cb  PARQUET-787: Limit read allocation size
     new b82d962  PARQUET-1217: Incorrect handling of missing values in Statistics
     new 3d2d4fd  PARQUET-1135: upgrade thrift and protobuf dependencies
     new 0a86429  PARQUET-1246: Ignore float/double statistics in case of NaN
     new a7ca605  PARQUET-1258: Update scm developer connection to github (#462)
     new d54fad8  PARQUET-1183: Add Avro builders using InputFile and OutputFile. (#460)
     new 12bbaf3  PARQUET-1263: If file has a config, use it for ParquetReadOptions. (#464)
     new 9261c28  PARQUET-1189: Update for 1.10.0 release.
     new d61d221  PARQUET-1264: Fix javadoc warnings for Java 8.
     new 150c578  PARQUET-1264: Fix javadoc 8 problem in VersionGenerator.
     new 0d55abd  RQUET-1264: Fix javadoc warnings for Java 8.
     new ce4d1c9  PARQUET-1258: Update scm developer connection to github HTTPS.
     new 031a665  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.10.0
     new 625aa51  PARQUET-1512: Set version to 1.10.1-SNAPSHOT.
     new 4f945b9  PARQUET-1309: Parquet Java uses incorrect stats and dictionary filter properties (#490)
     new 50b1f47  PARQUET-1510: Fix notEq for optional columns with null values. (#603)
     new 68125a7  PARQUET-1512: Update for 1.10.1.
     new 8ad44a9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apache-parquet-1.10.1

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