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From "Ashish Kulkarni"<>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Switch commit policy to Commit-Then-Review
Date Sat, 13 Jan 2018 14:25:59 GMT
+1 for CTR

On 2018-01-13 03:06, Otto van der Schaaf <> wrote: 
> Hi All,
> I would like to change review policy for the incubator-pagespeed-*
> repositories.
> Please cast your +1/0/-1 vote on the following:
> Currently I think this is not explicitly defined, but we wait for at least
> one peer review
> before merging code, akin to RTC.
> It would be good to publicly document the way our project work with regard
> to this for
> new and potential contributors.
> I think we have two distinct commit policies to choose from [1]:
> As there's going to be lots of small changes,  to keep some velocity I am
> proposing
> to switch to Commit-Then-Review (at least temporary).
> [1] From
> 1. Commit-Then-Review
> (Often abbreviated 'CTR' or 'C-T-R'.) A policy governing code changes which
> permits developers to make changes at will, with the possibility of being
> retroactively vetoed. C-T-R is an application of decision making through
> lazy consensus. The C-T-R model is useful in rapid-prototyping
> environments, but because of the lack of mandatory review it may permit
> more bugs through in daily practice than the R-T-C alternative. Compare
> R-T-C , and see the description of the voting process.
> 2. Review-Then-Commit
> (Often referenced as 'RTC' or 'R-T-C'.) Commit policy which requires that
> all changes receive consensus approval in order to be committed. Compare
> C-T-R , and see the description of the voting process.
> Otto

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