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From Joshua Marantz <>
Subject Re: pagespeed css request times out with 404 while optimizing
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 15:03:28 GMT
This bug report sent to mod-pagespeed-discuss, referencing code from

void InstawebHandler::HandleAsPagespeedResource() {
  if (ResourceFetch::BlockingFetch(stripped_gurl_, server_context_, driver,
                                   callback)) {
  } else {
    server_context_->ReportResourceNotFound(original_url_, request_);

BlockingFetch has an undocumented timeout (default 5 seconds, settable in
pagespeed.conf).  There is a TODO to document it...
   ModPagespeedBlockingFetchTimeoutMs 10000
would set it to 10 seconds.

If a .pagespeed. resource can't be fetched and rewritten in the timeout, a
404 is returned and the web page breaks.  We should, for non-combined
resources, either redirect to the origin resource, or just serve the origin
resource with private/300 TTL.  I think a temp redirect would be easier to

For combined resources, I think we should have a separate timeout, with a
much higher default value. Another option is for CSS is to respond with a
body containing CSS @import statements for the components, but I'm not sure
if that's technically correct 100% of the time.  And for Combined JS and
Sprites that would be a lot harder.  So I think it might be better to plumb
in a higher timeout for combined resources, but ultimately we'd have to
respond with an error if the timeout is exceeded.  And there's a question
of rewritten/combined css files.  The outer-most pagespeed URL encoding
will look like it has a single input, but transitively it's a combined
resource and could not be solved with a redirect.

I thought in fact we *had* code somewhere for serving origin content for
single-input .pagespeeed. resources.  But maybe that was for a different

@aroman two more questions:
   1.   You know your way around our code.  You have a great testcase,
With our guidance, do you want to take a shot at doing the fix yourself?
   2.   Now that PageSpeed is in Apache incubation, the right mailing list
to subscribe to is, which you can
subscribe to by sending mail to


On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 10:47 PM, Joshua Marantz <>

> Nicely diagnosed.  This sounds like something I'm going to have to dig
> into.  Three questions:
>   1. Do you know if this issue is new for 1.12?  Code related to this
> changed, I think, between 1.11 and 1.12.
>   2. Can you work around this short term with:
>         ModPagespeedDisallow *megahuge.css
>   3. Would put this into a bug report on
> d/mod_pagespeed/issues
> Thanks,
> -Josh
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 5:48 PM, <> wrote:
>> I've been hunting down 404 problems with css files for a while now and I
>> finally have it nailed down.  I originally thought it was related to
>> sharding (and to be sure, we had problems with our configuration there),
>> but now I'm pretty sure it's a bug in pagespeed:
>> Version:
>> While optimizing a css file that references many other images, pagespeed
>> is 404'ing subsequent requests for that resource.
>> Specifically:
>> * Starting pagespeed with a clean cache.
>> * Make a request for
>> * Pagespeed fetches the original megahuge.css and starts downloading and
>> optimizing the dependent resources.
>> * The original request for
>> times out after a few ms and returns the original resource with a short
>> cache expiration.
>> --- so far, so good ---
>> * A second request for comes
>> in.  That gets stuck waiting in ResourceFetch::BlockingFetch for the
>> callback to complete.
>> * Pagespeed continues working on optimizing the dependent resources from
>> the first request.
>> * After 5 seconds, the BoundedWaitFor call in
>> ResourceFetch::BlockingFetch gives up, and pagespeed returns a 404 (!) for
>> the resource.
>> In this case, the css file takes several minutes to optimize, so we have
>> tons of these 404's until somebody gets lucky and the CDN caches the
>> optimized result.
>> It's even worse if the css file takes so long to optimize that pagespeed
>> decides to refresh the content before serving the optimized result.
>> So, I've traced the code through and through to nail it down to
>> this BoundedWaitFor call.  How can I fix the problem?  I want the same
>> behavior as the original request: If the callback hasn't completed within a
>> few ms, then return the un-optimized resource.
>> - Augusto
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