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From Korry Douglas <ko...@me.com.INVALID>
Subject Questions about C++ interface
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2018 20:28:57 GMT
Hi all - I’m an absolute ORC newbie so please forgive the novice questions.

I’m trying to use the C++ API to implement a reader.  I have two questions (to start with):

1) I’ve been reading the docs at https://orc.apache.org/docs/core-cpp.html - is there more
complete documentation that describes all of the public classes that I can use?

2) My understanding is that an ORC file contains min/max indexes that can help me reduce the
amount of data I have to read to satisfy a given query.  Is there a class that I can use to
specify the range of values that I want to read?  Or do I have to read the statistics myself
(for each stripe?) and manually inspect the min/max values.

Thanks in advance.

             — Korry
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