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From Matt Burgess <mattyb...@apache.org>
Subject Complex types in hive-orc
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2016 20:21:21 GMT

Is this the right place to ask questions about hive-orc? I know it was
split out into Apache ORC, and up until recently I have been using
Apache ORC 1.1.2 to convert Avro files to ORC files, but I was told I
need a version that works with only Hive 1.2.1.

If I should direct to the Hive list please let me know, otherwise:

- Are complex types (list, map, struct, union, etc.) supported in
hive-orc 1.2.1? I don't see the ListColumnVector and such types. I
can't bring in that storage-api-2.1.1-pre-orc JAR because of a
conflict with BloomFilter, etc.

- I was using VectorizedRowBatch to write my values in ORC 1.1.2, is
that the correct/recommended approach in 1.2.1? I see Apache Crunch
uses lots of MapReduce types but I would really like to limit the MR
dependencies if possible since my app will not always be on a Hadoop

- Are there any examples of converting Avro to ORC outside of Hive
(but using Avro and hive-orc)? I see a couple of examples of
reading/writing ORC files but nothing with Avro. No worries if not, I
am writing one as part of this effort :)

Thank you in advance,

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