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From Lefty Leverenz <leftylever...@gmail.com>
Subject Orc bylaws: typos & edits
Date Sun, 19 Jul 2015 08:21:38 GMT
This is mainly for Owen, although all opinions are welcome.

Editorial suggestions for the Orc bylaws (first draft):


   - 2nd paragraph:  add '(ASF)' because later you use the acronym
   - last para:  add link to Incubator <http://incubator.apache.org/>

Roles and Responsibilities

   - end period needed:  'The roles are defined in the following sections'


   - this sentence no verb:  'All of the volunteers who are contributing
   time, code, documentation, or resources to the Orc Project.'  (It's okay as
   is, but could change to 'Contributors are all ...' to make it more formal.)
   - new paragraph:  'A contributor that makes sustained, ...' (and maybe
   change 'that' to 'who' to match phrase in Committers)


   - spell out PMC at first occurrence (2nd para)
   - lowercase committer:  'requirements for Committers.' (2nd para; also
   see request in DISCUSS thread for explanation of active & emeritus)
   - new paragraph:  'A committer who makes a sustained contribution ...'

Project Management Committee

   - end periods needed on 1st & last 3 bullets
   - add 'and' in 2nd bullet:  'repository, mailing lists, websites.'
   - inconsistency of quotes around emeritus:  considered emeritus
   (Committer) vs. considered "emeritus" (PMC)
   - again, explain active vs. emeritus (from DISCUSS thread)

Decision Making

   - superfluous 'approval':  'decisions which require "consensus approval"
   approval' (could say ' "consensus" approval' or omit 2nd approval)


   - colon needed:  'Voting may take four flavors' (end of 1st para)
   - first voting bullet has dash after +1 but the other 3 don't -- omit it
   or add to all bullets
   - en dash preferable to hyphen, but that's a matter of style (also
   occurs in text in Vetoes section)
   - end period needed:  "making it happen" (1st bullet)
   - last para: hyphenate 'Non binding' or make it one word


   - end period or colon needed:  'Different actions require different
   types of approvals'

Product Release

   - typo:  'canidate' (occurs twice)

New PMC Member

   - 'To promote a committer to a PMC member, it requires ...' -- omit
   comma & 'it'

Modifying Bylaws

   - add 'a':  'Modifying this document requires [a] lazy majority'

If you want me to make any or all of these changes, I'll need to reset my
github account.

-- Lefty

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