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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [openwhisk-release] rabbah commented on a change in pull request #304: updated post-vote release instructions
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2019 18:11:49 GMT
rabbah commented on a change in pull request #304: updated post-vote release instructions

 File path: docs/
 @@ -162,22 +162,89 @@ restart the process with new candidate releases.  Update your
 `config.json` file by incrementing the `rc` number and changing git
-### Publishing a Successful Release
-TODO: This portion of the documentation and scripting still needs to be updated.
-  10. [Publish the release artifacts to Apache release directory](
-      You should receive an email from asking you to add your version
-      to its database shortly after you commit to the dist svn.  Please follow the link and
-      add the information (this is useful for generating board reports).
-  11. [Tag the commit IDs in the Github repository for the project](
-  12. [Generate the release notes](
-  13. If appropriate, update dockerhub `latest` tags.
-  14. If appropriate update deploy-kube and docker-compose tag info to pick up new images.
-  15. Submit a PR to update the downloads page.
-  20. Announce the release -- must wait until website PR is merged and Jenkins publishes
-  30. Cleanup the artifacts from the release process:
-      a. Remove the rc files from staging.
-      b. Remove the previous If there is a previous released version, remove it from Apache
release directory
-         (it will automatically still be available via the Apache archive server).
+### Publishing a Successful Release to Apache Dist Servers
+After a successful vote, the release manager will commit the artifacts
+being released to the openwhisk subdir of the Apache dist svn.
+The script automates the copy & svn add operations, but it
+assumes that every file found in the release candidate subdir should be released.
+If this is not true (eg multiple parallel release votes), then the upload
+must be performed manually.
+./ ../release-configs/<MY_RELEASE_CONFIG>.json
+Assuming the expected set of files were added, commit them:
+cd ../stagingArea/svn_release && svn commit -m  "Apache OpenWhisk X.Y.Z release of
<Component Description>"
+Relatively soon after doing the svn commit, you should receive an email from
+from asking you to add your version data
+to its database.  Please follow the link and add the information
+(the data is used to generate periodic reports to the ASF Board).
+### Tag GitHub repos
+Each GitHub repository needs to be tagged.  Unfortunately, the naming conventions for
+tagging vary across the OpenWhisk project repositories and therefore we have not
+yet attempted to automate this step.
+For each released repository, the Release Manager should examine the existing set of
+tags (`git tag`) and then add a new tag following the same convention using the
+git commit hash from <MY_RELEASE_CONFIG>.json.  After tagging a repo, push the tag.
+Many of the GitHub repositories are configured to build binary artifacts in response
+to new tags being committed.  Monitor the build process and ensure that all expected
+artifacts are created for each tag you commit.
+There are some slightly outdated, but much more detailed comments
+on [release tagging]( available if you need a reminder
+of the git commands to use.
+### Create GitHub releases
+After pushing the tags, you should go to the GitHub Releases for
+each released project and "Draft a new release" using the tag you just
+pushed. If the project contains a CHANGELOG or RELEASENOTES, copy that
+information into the release description.
+### Dockerhub updates
+If the components you released build docker images, then you should
+build the docker images locally, tag them with the release version
+(following the naming scheme for the repo), push the new images to
+dockerhub using the whiskbot dockerhub id, and update the `latest`
+tag to point to the new images.
+If you have published new images to dockerhub, submit PRs to openwhisk-deploy-kube
+and openwhisk-devtools (docker-compose) to use the new images.
 Review comment:
   and [openwhisk-devtools (docker-compose)](
to use the new images.

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