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Subject [GitHub] [incubator-openwhisk] chetanmeh opened a new pull request #4516: Openwhisk in a standalone runnable jar
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2019 13:17:08 GMT
chetanmeh opened a new pull request #4516: Openwhisk in a standalone runnable jar
   Enables running a minimal OpenWhisk (with in memory store) as a runnable jar outside of
   ## Description
   Currently users looking to explore  OpenWhisk directly have few options like [devtools
docker compose][1], mini kube etc. This PR provides yet another option which enables launching
a fully working OpenWhisk server via a runnable jar
   java -jar openwhisk-standalone-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
   This launches a fully functional OpenWhisk controller and invoker. You can run `wsk` commands
against it and launch and execute actions etc. 
   ### Design
   This PR builds up on [lean openwhisk](#4216) support. It configures OpenWhisk to use a
`MemoryArtifactStore` (thus avoiding nead of a separate CouchDB container) and enables excuting
the standard `wsk` commands against it
   Key aspects
   * Configured by default to use a `MemoryArtifactStore`
   * Can be configured to use another store via simple config
   * Delievered as a jar executable
   * Adapts the config as per OS
   ### Usage
   First build the standalone module
   ./gradlew :core:standalone:build
   Launch the server
   $ java -jar openwhisk-standalone-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -h
   OpenWhisk standalone launcher
     -c, --config-file  <arg>   application.conf which overwrites the default
     -m, --manifest  <arg>      Manifest json defining the supported runtimes
     -p, --port  <arg>          Server port
     -h, --help                 Show help message
   $ java -jar openwhisk-standalone-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
   ### When to use
   This mode may be benefical in cases like
   * Running simple test against an OpenWhisk server say when testing compositions
   * Faster development cycle - No need to build and relaunch docker container to test out
simple changes in regular development flow on OpenWhisk core codebase
   * Easier entrypoint for new users to get a feel of OpenWhisk features
   ## Related issue and scope
   <!--- Please include a link to a related issue if there is one. -->
   - [ ] I opened an issue to propose and discuss this change (#????)
   ## My changes affect the following components
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   <!--- Enter an `x` in all applicable boxes. -->
   - [ ] API
   - [ ] Controller
   - [ ] Message Bus (e.g., Kafka)
   - [ ] Loadbalancer
   - [ ] Invoker
   - [ ] Intrinsic actions (e.g., sequences, conductors)
   - [ ] Data stores (e.g., CouchDB)
   - [ ] Tests
   - [ ] Deployment
   - [ ] CLI
   - [ ] General tooling
   - [ ] Documentation
   ## Types of changes
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apply: -->
   - [ ] Bug fix (generally a non-breaking change which closes an issue).
   - [ ] Enhancement or new feature (adds new functionality).
   - [ ] Breaking change (a bug fix or enhancement which changes existing behavior).
   ## Checklist:
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of the change you're making. -->
   - [ ] I signed an [Apache CLA](
   - [ ] I reviewed the [style guides](
and followed the recommendations (Travis CI will check :).
   - [ ] I added tests to cover my changes.
   - [ ] My changes require further changes to the documentation.
   - [ ] I updated the documentation where necessary.

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