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From Tyson Norris <>
Subject Re: Adding OW_ACTION_VERSION
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2019 00:32:17 GMT
Hi  -
Just to clarify, your examples mention "cache keys" - can you confirm these keys are stored
external to the action code/container? I guess the behavior you are after is that a cache
is populated the first time a particular version of the action is invoked, and the action
is responsible for populating the cache? 
This will require it to be ok that the cache is overwritten by multiple concurrent action
invocations - is that ok? Otherwise some external coordination will be required.


On 12/3/19, 1:56 AM, "Christophe Jelger" <> wrote:

    I just joined the dev list after opened;;sdata=NpAWRBdQiBdA%2BUc6YED%2BppFJnVQT31OU4YXF6Dg%2FRn0%3D&amp;reserved=0
: it adds OW_ACTION_VERSION to the execution environment.
    I was asked by Rodric to send this email to the list because this change will require
extra changes in the runtime repos for tests (see his comment in the PR).
    Since I just joined the list and have until now only been an active user of OpenWhisk,
I don’t know what the process is to do that next. Any hint is appreciated.
    Christophe Jelger | AEM Commerce Developer
    Adobe Research Schweiz AG
    +41 (0)61 226 5792

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