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From Tom Barber <>
Subject API Gateway routing on Mac
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2019 16:15:49 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm tinkering around with a Serverless framework -> Openwhisk POC on
my Mac that i've deployed using make quick-start and I've pushed an
API gateway event but when I call it I get stuff like

==> /var/log/api-gateway/gateway_error.log <==
2019/11/18 16:00:30 [info] 28#0: *117 client closed connection while
waiting for request, client:, server:
2019/11/18 16:00:30 [error] 33#0: *118 https could not be resolved (3:
Host not found),

Googling brings me to this commit:

But thats discussing Openwhisk on K8S on Mac which isn't quite the
same and the patch is to a pod template.

So few questions here, I appreciate Mac networking is different, so is
Make quick-start the way we should actually get up and running or
should we be using K8S? Similarly, if this does apply to non K8S
deployment how do we apply this fix to a Make deployed version?

Lastly the invite bot for your slack channel seems to not be sending
out invites.



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