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From "Michele Sciabarra" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] release openwhisk-runtime-go 1.14.0
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2019 13:43:16 GMT
Please note that currently all the runtimes build the proxy directly from the sources of the
master on github.

I did it as a temporary workaround for the "de incubation". If we want to make things properly
we should release first the golang runtime (without knative, no problem for now), then build
the other runtimes using a released version (that did not exist at the time as the old released
one was broken by de de-incubation and the redirect was not working)

I can take care of the required PR but please first release the golang and provide a stable
url for the sources, then I can send PR for all the others to use the stable and released

  Michele Sciabarra

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From: David P Grove <>
To: OpenWhisk Dev <>
Subject: [DISCUSS] release openwhisk-runtime-go 1.14.0
Date: Thursday, October 03, 2019 3:28 PM

I'd like to make a release of the go runtime to enable us to then make
updated releases of all the action-loop based runtimes (including the rust
1.34 runtime which has never been released).

I'd suggest we make this release without waiting to merge the Knative
support PR (#106) to the go runtime. From the discussion on the technical
interchange yesterday there may be some iteration needed to normalize
Knative support across the various runtime projects.

Any objections to proceeding with a 1.14.0 release of openwhisk-runtime-go?
If not, I can start the process for openwhisk-runtime-go on Friday.  After
that is done, we can then do the rest of the actionloop based runtimes
enmasse the second half of next week.


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