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From Chetan Mehrotra <>
Subject Optimize Active Ack flow for some cases (#4699)
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2019 03:57:28 GMT
Hi Whiskers,

With previous PR #4624 active ack and slot release was combined for
some of the error cases. Now with #4699 similar logic is applied for
some more cases where log collection is disabled or done out of band

1. job.action.limits.logs.asMegaBytes == 0.MB
2. LogDriverLogStore is being used

Now the behaviour is

1. No log case
        i. Blocking action send CombinedCompletionAndResultMessage directly
        ii. Non blocking action send CompletionMessage directly
2. Logs case
        i. Blocking action
            a. Send ResultMessage
            b. Collect logs
            c. Send CompletionMessage
        ii Non blocking action
            a. Collect logs
            b. Send CompletionMessage

With this change for setups where Log collection is done out of band
active ack and slot release would be done in a single message which
can potentially improve the resource usage.

Please review the PR and provide your feedback

Chetan Mehrotra

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