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From Chetan Mehrotra <>
Subject Re: Passing action instance to ContainerFactory (#4595)
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2019 06:11:30 GMT
Gentle reminder bump for
- Its changing the SPI semantics so please have a look and review!
Chetan Mehrotra

On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 3:41 AM Chetan Mehrotra
<> wrote:
> For enabling some integration flows like delegating action execution
> to other systems like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions via
> ContainerFactory approach we need access to the action details.
> Currently there are 2 modes when a container is to be created
> 1. Prewarm case - Here `ContainerPool` would try to create containers
> for pre warm support. Here we do not the action for which container is
> being used
> 2. Cold Start - In case of Cold start when we do not have any existing
> container to use then a new container would be created. Here we know
> the action for which the container is being created
> If we want to implement a custom ContainerFactory which delegates the
> other system then it would be needing the Action details to route to
> matching Lambda/Azure Function.
> This PR [1] enables such integration by extending the ContainerFactory
> trait to support an option Action parameter. This would be set in cold
> start case. This change would be backward compatible and only those
> Factory implementation which need access to action would need to
> implement the new method
> Please review the PR and provide feedback on approach. Once we have an
> agreement I can add suitable tests
> Chetan Mehrotra
> [1]

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