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From Carlos Santana <>
Subject Re: acceptable file types in 'tests' portion of source releases?
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2019 22:22:19 GMT
Even if want to we should not include in the release tgz anything that is not simple source
code files (ie jar,zip,binaryexec) 

The released tgz can contain files and scripts (also files) that could generate those artifacts
(jar, zip, binaryexec)

This is my understanding 

As a receiver of the released tgz to use in a comercial product I would not trust those type
of files (jar, zip, binaryexec), but I would be ok to run some commands using the content
of the tgz to generate the test features artifacts (jar,zip, binaryexec) that allow me to
run the tests. 

- Carlos Santana

> On Sep 15, 2019, at 6:09 PM, David P Grove <> wrote:
> In the current round of releases, we've stopped excluding the tests subdir
> from the source releases.  In general, I think this is the right thing to
> do because if someone is actually going to build an OpenWhisk component
> from a source release, they really should be able to test what they built.
> However, some of our repos include "binary" files of various flavors to use
> as test input.  Clearly, we can extend to accept a wider range
> of file types in the "tests" tree, but do we want to allow everything or
> just a restricted set of file types?
> Appended is the list for wskdeploy.  It runs the spectrum of zips
> containing source files, jar files, and full-out executables (golang).
> --dave
> scanning for unexpected file types... failed
> (/var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/helloworld/actions/
> application/zip; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/helloworld/actions/hello.jar:
> application/java-archive; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/docker/actions/go/exec:
> application/x-executable; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/docker/actions/
> application/zip; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/validate-packages-in-manifest/actions/hello.jar:
> application/java-archive; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/jaraction/src/hello.jar:
> application/java-archive; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/runtimetests/src/helloworld/
> application/zip; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/runtimetests/src/
> application/zip; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/runtimetests/src/hello.jar:
> application/java-archive; charset=binary
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/runtimetests/src/
> application/zip; charset=binary)
> scanning for archives ... failed
> (/var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/helloworld/actions/hello.jar
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/validate-packages-in-manifest/actions/hello.jar
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/jaraction/src/hello.jar
> /var/folders/8c/zvj0nsxx2rgc_km8nvf8k0c00000gn/T/tmp.RHoEu36n/openwhisk-wskdeploy-1.0.0/tests/src/integration/runtimetests/src/hello.jar)

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