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From Chetan Mehrotra <>
Subject Passing action instance to ContainerFactory (#4595)
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2019 10:41:00 GMT
For enabling some integration flows like delegating action execution
to other systems like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions via
ContainerFactory approach we need access to the action details.

Currently there are 2 modes when a container is to be created

1. Prewarm case - Here `ContainerPool` would try to create containers
for pre warm support. Here we do not the action for which container is
being used

2. Cold Start - In case of Cold start when we do not have any existing
container to use then a new container would be created. Here we know
the action for which the container is being created

If we want to implement a custom ContainerFactory which delegates the
other system then it would be needing the Action details to route to
matching Lambda/Azure Function.

This PR [1] enables such integration by extending the ContainerFactory
trait to support an option Action parameter. This would be set in cold
start case. This change would be backward compatible and only those
Factory implementation which need access to action would need to
implement the new method

Please review the PR and provide feedback on approach. Once we have an
agreement I can add suitable tests

Chetan Mehrotra

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