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From "Vincent S Hou" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache OpenWhisk graduation to Top Level Project
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2019 15:16:08 GMT
Thank all the great efforts by OpenWhisk contributors. It is time for us to graduate.
All the official modules, like openwhisk core, catalog, cli, runtimes, etc, have successfully
gone through one or multiple releases under Apache as incubator.
We have been familiar with all the legal processes of Apache. The modules have been mature
enough to evolve as top level project.

I vote: +1 Apache OpenWhisk should graduate. 

Best wishes.
Vincent Hou (侯胜博)

Advisory Software Engineer, OpenWhisk Contributor, Open Technology, IBM Cloud

Notes ID: Vincent S Hou/Raleigh/IBM, E-mail:,
Phone: +1(919)254-7182
Address: 4205 S Miami Blvd (Cornwallis Drive), Durham, NC 27703, United States

-----Rodric Rabbah <> wrote: -----
From: Rodric Rabbah <>
Date: 06/04/2019 05:26PM
Subject: [EXTERNAL] [VOTE] Apache OpenWhisk graduation to Top Level Project

Hi all,

After a discussion among the Apache OpenWhisk community on the dev
mailing list [1], we have completed all Trademark transfers, and we
are now in the process of pruning the PMC roster, completing the
podling status page and completing the project maturity model [2].

Apache OpenWhisk entered the incubator on November 23 2016. Since
then, we have grown to be in the top 25 list of Apache projects by
GitHub Stars at 4041, have 229 unique contributors across all our
project repos, more than 2500 commits, and most importantly, our
community has grown and is diversified beyond the initial founding
contributors and organization.

The project has come a long way in embracing The Apache Way, in no
small part to our dedicated mentors and the community spirit that has
grown along this journey. We are operating well as an Apache project
and so we should take the next step.

As such, I am calling a vote for Apache OpenWhisk to graduate to a top
level project. If we agree that we should graduate to a top level
project, the next step will be to draft a Resolution [3] for the PPMC
and IPMC to vote upon.

Please take a minute to vote on whether or not Apache OpenWhisk should
graduate to a Top Level Project by responding with one of the

 [ ] +1 Apache OpenWhisk should graduate.
 [ ] +0 No opinion
 [ ] -1 Apache OpenWhisk should not graduate (please provide the reason)

The VOTE is open for a minimum of 72 hours. Per Apache guidelines [4]
I will notify the incubator mailing list that a community vote is
under way.

Thank you.
(on behalf of the Apache OpenWhisk PPMC)





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