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From Tyson Norris <>
Subject Re: exporting activation arguments to the environment
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2019 17:25:20 GMT
BTW, circling back on "can it be done just using -p in current form": I still like the idea
- action configured params are different the user specified params (and we should only pass
them on init, not run)
- this is also a bigger convention change for action developers (read from env or context
instead of the single args object given to main)

But - *adding* the -e, instead of revising the meaning of -p does makes this a backwards compatible
change, so that's a good thing.


´╗┐On 6/27/19, 5:00 AM, "Rodric Rabbah" <> wrote:

    Thanks for the added feedback - keep it coming!
    Tyson is right in that we shouldn't let implementation concerns affect a
    proper design and sacrifcie the experience.
    So in line with his concerns, is there a desire to facilitate environment
    variables at all (user specified values, not system/context ones)?
    If so, then having thought about it some more, annotating every parameter
    could be done as suggested say with a -e vs a -p.

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