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From Rodric Rabbah <>
Subject Re: openwhisk distributions via dockerhub
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2019 01:06:55 GMT
If we’re going to fix up all the builds we might as well use Apache/ on dockerhub or whatever
we decide the location should be so we’re not doing this chore twice. 

I don’t know how we get access to the Apache org and if that’s tedious to manage vs an
org we already own and manage. 


> On Jun 19, 2019, at 3:43 PM, David P Grove <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Another spinoff from the graduation discussion on the incubator general
> list relates to our project's use of dockerhub.  We were pointed to a set
> of (unofficial) distribution guidelines [1] that seem fairly sensible to
> me.  I've inlined the docker portion of [1]  at the end of this email.
> Summarizing, I think there are at least 2 (and perhaps 3) action items for
> us to consider and implement.
> 1. One set of actions is a per-image standardization of the dockerhub
> metadata for that image (overview, Dockerfile, disclaimer, etc).  Many of
> our images lack this consistent metadata.  A little tedious, but not that
> big of a deal.
> 2. The big item is that I believe we need to re-engineer our CI/CD process
> across all of our git repos to replace the use of the 'latest' tag with
> 'nightly' (or similar).  This is going to be tedious and labor intensive
> for us, but given the special treatment of 'latest' by docker pull I
> believe it to be unavoidable.  It is a sound principle that a tagless
> 'docker pull openwhisk/<some-image>' by a user should get an artifact that
> corresponds to an official release.  I believe the best implementation for
> this is having 'latest' be an alias for the most current official release,
> not as an alias for the latest nightly build.
> 3. Once we have addressed (1) and (2),  we should consider opening a legal
> discuss thread to see if we can continue to use /u/openwhisk (with clear
> branding that /u/openwhisk is an official distribution channel from the
> Apache OpenWhisk (P)PMC) or if we must migrate to /u/apacheopenwhisk or
> similar.
> --dave
> [1]
> Docker
> Artifacts need to be placed in<project> or
> To comply with ASF release and distributions please ensure the following:
>      The overview should include the incubator disclaimer.
>      The docker file (if it exists) should include an ASF header.
>      The docker file (if it exists) should include the incubator
>      disclaimer.
>      docker pull apache/<project> should not install an artifact
>      containing unapproved code.
>      Release candidates, nightlies or snapshots need to be clearly tagged.
>      The latest tag should not point to an artifact containing unapproved
>      code e.g. to master or dev branches or to a RC or snapshot.

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