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From Matt Rutkowski <>
Subject Help answering last few Project Maturity Model Qs for graduation readiness
Date Wed, 15 May 2019 18:32:27 GMT
Hello Whiskers!
You may not have noticed, but last month I endeavored to complete filling out our project
maturity model which has been an ongoing process for a since last fall (at least).  For reference,
it is located on our project Wiki here:

Last month, when I came upon the last 2 sections titled "Consensus Building" and "Independence"
(especially), I found it hard to complete using just my viewpoint which I consider biased
(and of course from IBM which helped charter the project).  I would like to use this thread
to raise the questions from that section and ask that our community help supply their honest
answers/opinions. Including:

----- Here are the questions:

**Consensus building** 
[CS50] *All "important" discussions happen asynchronously in written form on the project's
main communications channel. Offline, face-to-face or private discussions 11 that affect the
project are also documented on that channel.*

[IN10] *The project is independent from any corporate or organizational influence.*
[IN20] *Contributors act as themselves as opposed to representatives of a corporation or organization.*


Of course, feel free to comment on the Wiki as well.  I would love to have enough responses
to propose the final text by middle of next week.  Please help with any contributions to the


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