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From "Sven Lange-Last" <>
Subject Re: Setting "parameters" at init time
Date Mon, 06 May 2019 10:50:07 GMT
Hello Michele,

with "-Xmx", you set the maximum heap size of a JVM. This is part of 
virtual memory settings. In contrast, the action memory limit is a 
physical memory limit. It's possible that an action process occupies much 
more virtual memory than physical memory. For a JVM, it's not uncommon 
that it consumes 1 GiB virtual memory - while only consuming 256 MiB 
physical memory that is accounted to the process.

With setting the maximum heap size of a JVM to the action's physical 
memory limit, you have a high chance of breaking a lot of actions.

Please see the discussion in [1] for more technical details.

I'm afraid that there is no easy calculation that we could use to 
determine the needed maximum heap size of a JVM from the action's physical 
memory limit.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Regards,

Sven Lange-Last
Senior Software Engineer
IBM Cloud Functions
Apache OpenWhisk

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"Michele Sciabarra" <> wrote on 2019/05/06 11:55:37:

> From: "Michele Sciabarra" <>
> To:
> Date: 2019/05/06 11:55
> Subject: Setting "parameters" at init time
> I am working on the new runtime for java, and I am facing a "new" 
> challenge: java runtime command line parameters.
> In Java world it is extremely common you set the memory size 
> allocated by  java with -Xmx. 
> In the current runtime I see that java is started with the default 
> parameters only. 
> CMD ["java", "-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8",  "-jar", "/javaAction/build/
> libs/javaAction-all.jar"]
> Also there are a lot of parameters that are interesting to set.
> Unfortunately the default  parameters are inadequate in many cases.
> In the command line it is possible to set the maximum memory of the 
> action but I guess those informations are only used by the Docker 
> container. So I ask:
> - is it possible to read the amount of memory allocated to the 
> action so I can do -Xmx<memory>?
> - it is possible to read the annotations so I can pass those 
> informations to be able to tune VM behaviour?
> If the answer is "it is not possible", then what about adding them 
> as extra informations at init time (I can volunteer to work on that...)
> -- 
>   Michele Sciabarra

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