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From Matt Rutkowski <>
Subject Re: NodeJS Runtime - An ability to run on Knative along with OpenWhisk
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2019 16:47:12 GMT
Thanks Priti for your excellent work getting the code under devtools repo. working with Gradle
for all Node versions.  It is indeed exciting to be at the point where we believe the code
is ready for public review.

This PR is what we have been discussing and demoing over the last 2 months which showcases
the use of a platform factory that can, via the build process, either create the traditional
OpenWhisk-native implementation which provides the same, identical code path (i.e., init/run
endpoints) we have used since forever or create a Knative impl. which supports supports a
single endpoint and furthermore includes HTTP request pre-processing and response post-processing
to provide an equivalent function experience where possible.


PS thank for all the test cases that are in a sister PR as well.

On 2019/04/10 20:58:34, "Priti Desai" <> wrote: 
> Hi Whiskers,
> I have created a PR under NodeJS runtime repo with changes to run the 
> NodeJS OpenWhisk actions on Knative.
> Please refer to the PR here:
> If you are running the NodeJS runtime on OpenWhisk, please note that there 
> are NO CHANGES introduced at all. We have added an ability to run on 
> Knative without making any changes while running on OpenWhisk.
> I have created two more PRs for documentation and tests:
> documentation - 
> test - 
> Please feel free to review/comment on respective PRs.
> Cheers
> Priti

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