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From "David P Grove" <>
Subject Re: New architecture proposal
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 14:05:57 GMT

Dominic Kim <> wrote on 04/04/2019 04:37:19 AM:
> I have proposed a new architecture.
> It includes many controversial agendas and breaking changes.
> So I would like to form a general consensus on them.

Hi Dominic,

	There's much to like about the proposal.  Thank you for writing it

	One meta-comment is that the work will have to be done in a way so
there are no actual "breaking changes".  It has to be possible to continue
to configure the system using the existing architectures while this work
proceeds.  I would expect this could be done via a new LoadBalancer and
some deployment options (similar to how Lean OpenWhisk was done).  If work
needs to be done to generalize the LoadBalancer SPI, that could be done
early in the process.

	On the proposal itself, I wonder if the complexity of Leader/Follower
is actually needed?  If a Scheduler crashes, it could be restarted and then
resume handling its assigned load.  I think there should be enough
information in etcd for it to recover its current set of assigned
ContainerProxys and carry on.   Activations in its in memory queues would
be lost (bigger blast radius than the current architecture), but I don't
see that the Leader/Follower changes that (seems way too expensive to be
replicating every activation in the Follower Queues).   The Leader/Follower
would allow for shorter downtime for those actions assigned to the downed
Scheduler, but at the cost of significant complexity.  Is it worth it?

	Perhaps related to the Leader/Follower, its not clear to me how
activation messages are being pulled from the action topic in Kafka during
the Queue creation window. I think they have to go somewhere (because the
is a mix of actions on a single Kafka topic and we can't stall other
actions while waiting for a Queue to be created for a new action), but if
you don't know yet which Scheduler is going to win the race to be a Leader
how do you know where to put them?


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