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From Matt Rutkowski <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release event providers
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2019 17:13:21 GMT
+1 Agree with your approach to use a version "2.0.0" release of all providers.

- Matt

On 2019/03/16 19:54:09, "David P Grove" <> wrote: 
> As part of the unified release, we will be doing the first Apache release
> of the OpenWhisk event providers (openwhisk-package-alarms,
> openwhisk-package-cloudant, openwhisk-package-kafka).
> I've taken a look at the pending PRs, and I think only the ones I just
> submitted to add DISCLAIMER.txt, etc. are release blocking.  Please comment
> if you disagree (or want to get in any other changes before a release).
> These components all have had non-Apache releases in the past, and thus
> have a history of version numbering that we need to not confuse.
> If we want to stick with the minimal increment under semvar, the initial
> Apache releases would be numbered:
> 	alarms: 1.12.5
> 	cloudant: 1.9.4
> 	kafka: 1.4.22
> We could also decide to do a "major" bump to allow a clean Apache vs.
> non-Apache break in the version numbers.  In other words, we would make
> this the 2.0.0 release of all three event provider modules.
> My strong inclination is to go with 2.0.0, but I would like to hear
> thoughts from others.   Assuming there are no technical blockers, I would
> like to initiate a formal release process for these three components early
> next week.
> thanks,
> --dave

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