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From Matt Rutkowski <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] graduation from the incubator
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:56:13 GMT
Thanks Dave for raising graduation as a topic.  

To be clear... +1 (with stars) from me on moving to graduate...

It is my belief that this project has reached a maturity level, with credits to its devoted
community, over the last 2 plus years to graduate.  It has been no small task to bring under
Apache compliance the numerous repos. this project manages and to deal with the ever-changing
landscape of Serverless and remain relevant as new technologies and projects continue to enter
this space. 

IMO, no other Serverless project offers a complete open source FaaS platform solution that
supports such a wide array of deployment choices, runtimes, tooling (and I could go on and
on) while striving to enable choice for via documented plug-in points for common platform
integrations such as logging, metrics and test tooling, but also, for very complex topics
such as load balancing, scheduling and container pooling.

This project is has matured to a point, where it should be noted, that we are aware it is
used in several public production offerings as a Serverless platform directly or as the backing
for FaaS integrations (such as for API management or web hosting). 

If you cannot tell, I am all for moving towards graduation and (prompted seeing this thread
appear yesterday) have cleared my day to complete filling out the maturity model matrix on
our CWIKI (see
to the best of my abilities and will be asking for comment/review/edits on a separate thread
once I complete my draft pass.

In truth, over the course of the last 2 years, I have have truly witnessed the community itself
become a welcoming family that cares first and foremost about the code and improving and enabling
it for its user base while establishing friendships that transcend other affiliations.


On 2019/03/15 22:06:38, "David P Grove" <> wrote: 
> I'd like to kick off a discussion to assess the project's readiness for
> graduation from the incubator.
> Per Rodric's recent stats [1], the community has developed nicely in terms
> of code contribution.
> We've released a number of software components following the Apache release
> process.  We are in the midst of making our first "uber-release" across all
> of our sub-components (expect at least 2 voting threads next week).
> Overall I think the community is active.  Communication on the project
> slack is frequent (avg of >160 messages a day) and is now digested daily to
> the dev list. (See [2] for stats).
> There are a couple procedural tasks we still need to complete, foremost
> being the formal transfer of the OpenWhisk trademarks from IBM to the ASF.
> But I think we can assume that these tasks will be completed and start
> considering graduation in parallel.
> Please share your thoughts,
> --dave
> [1]
> [2]

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