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From Chetan Mehrotra <>
Subject Execute OpenWhisk action via AWS Lambda
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2019 06:09:20 GMT
Hi Team,

We recently did a POC around executing actions deployed on OpenWhisk
via AWS Lambda. Some of the key objectives of this POC were

1. Supports most of OpenWhisk features
2. Developers use std OpenWhisk tooling to create functions
3. Invoker can delegate execution to Lambda based on some policy
4. Execution via Lambda is an implementation detail not surfaced to
end developers

Some of the benefits we are trying to target here are

1. Tap into cloud provider platforms for scaling out
2. Bring compute near to content
3. Retain the rich programming model provided by OpenWhisk

PR #4412 [1] captures the current state of the POC which enables
exexecuting basic NodeJS actions via lambda integration.

At high level there are following major parts

1. A custom runtime layer for Lambda which mimics the OpenWhisk protocol when
    running in Lambda
2. A LambdaBuilder service which listens for changes in `whisks`
collection and transforms them to lambda function
3. A LambdaContainerFactory which routes the activations to Lambda invocations
4. (TBD) CloudWatchLogProvider which would collect logs from CloudWatch

More details are provided in the PR [1]. At this stage its a poc but
it opens up a possible way to target hybrid deployments for OpenWhisk
setups in various cloud providers. That would enable us to leverage
the rich development flow and constructs that OpenWhisk provides and
use the underlying cloud providers scalable compute resources for
actual execution processing for some cases.


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