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From Matt Sicker <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release Apache OpenWhisk CLI 0.10.0-incubating
Date Tue, 19 Mar 2019 18:09:36 GMT

[x] Download links are valid.
[x] Checksums and PGP signatures are valid.
[x] DISCLAIMER is included.
[x] Source code artifacts have correct names matching the current release.
[x] LICENSE and NOTICE files are correct for each OpenWhisk repository.
[x] All files have license headers if necessary.
[x] No compiled archives bundled in source archive.

Some notes from testing releases:

* Disclaimer file would be nice to have reflowed as a normal text file
with ~80 character width limits, or at least written like a typical
text source file where each sentence is on its own line. Sort of a
personal preference, though when you compare the disclaimer with the
other usual files (LICENSE and NOTICE), it's not consistent.
* client-go doesn't seem to have any tests? I ran `make test` and got
an error of no tests being available, though `make integration_test`
passed ok.
* Tested with Gradle 5.2.1 and Go 1.12.1. See next point for why.
* I know this debate has been had ad nauseum, but including gradle
wrapper scripts without the bootstrap binary (which isn't allowed, I
know) makes it kind of pointless to include. This is more of an issue
for people like myself who don't use Gradle that often but rely on
scripts like gdub <> to help manage
Gradle usage. I've seen some efforts on the Maven wrapper side of
things to try and make a self-booting Java source file or similar to
download the wrapper binary at runtime, and such a thing might be
doable as a Groovy script or a Java "script" (Java 11 style). This is
a usability concern to me because typical users who install Gradle on
their machine will only have the latest version of Gradle available,
so if your build isn't compatible with, say, 4.10.x or 5.2.x (e.g.,
some people still use Gradle 2.x, and 4.x is the first release of
Gradle that removed deprecated APIs from 2.x), then I have the fun job
of figuring out which version of Gradle I need. :(
  - For comparison, I didn't need to install some specific version of
Make or Maven to test anything else.
  - I also just filed a ticket with gdub
<> to help support this use
case. We'll see if this becomes a non-problem. :)
* I haven't really combed through literally every file to ensure
license headers and notice are correct, though I'm assuming this has
been kept up to date so far. If that's not the case, then I'll have to
dig through these releases in more depth next time.

Matt Sicker <>

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