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From Matt Rutkowski <>
Subject Re: time for next OpenWhisk release wave?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2019 15:14:09 GMT
Thanks Dave, I too really like your idea for using a year.month[.x] format for the uber release.
 I do wonder how the concept of an uber release would work with the Incubator (as well as
its label).  In addition, a tracking issue for the release notes with checks for each repo.
(signoff) also seems like a good sugg.

On 2019/01/07 21:55:12, "David P Grove" <> wrote: 
> I would like to see us push out a consolidated next release in the near
> future (by end of January?).  I'd also like to see us attempt to establish
> a regular cadence of such consolidated releases (perhaps quarterly?).
> We would start this release from the leaves of our dependency tree and work
> up:
> 	1) release all action runtimes that have changed since their last
> Apache release.
> 	2) release cli tooling
> 	3) release event providers
> 	4) release core system (with pinned versions of runtimes, cli, and
> providers)
> 	5) release packaging projects (kube-deploy, dev-tools, etc.) with
> pinned versions of entire system.
> I would also like to propose that although we keep semantic versioning of
> the sub-packages (openwhisk-runtime-java-x.y.z, openwhisk-cli-a.b.c, etc),
> that we adopt a date-based version number for the consolidate uber-release
> (eg OpenWhisk 19.01 if we actually manage to get this all out in January).
> Opinions?
> --dave

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