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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject Tagging the actionloop with a name matching the version
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2018 10:21:14 GMT
Hello all,

at the moment there are, using actionloop:

- my upcoming runtime for Python
- on the work a runtime for PHP
- the newly announced Crystal runtime

I am using now, to build the images, the

FROM actionloop as builder

but I am a bit afraid of getting the wrong version (it happened to me)

I know we cannot really do a release because of the complexities, but some tagging is necessary

So my idea is to give at least a name, like actionloop-v1.0.1, to be upgraded when we change

(I do not expect many changes, at the moment it is pretty stable and I have not changed it
in months).

Can I proceed with a PR for it?

  Michele Sciabarra

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