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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject Bennchmarking all the runtimes, both init and run
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2018 18:14:41 GMT
Hello Whiskers, 

without any further ado here is the report with a nice html graph.

Test Methodology: I wrote a "multipost" Go application able to run multiple init and run in
sequence and I measured the execution time with the unix "time" utility. I tested runs executing
one init and 1000 runs in sequence. I tested init starting 100 containers in different ports
then executing 100 init AND run in sequence on the various containers.

A few notes. 

I tested go and swift both precompiled ( and and with a compilation
on-the-fly.  Go init time looks slower than swift, but the Go is statically compiled and it
is huge, while the swift is dynamically compiled and it is small. I believe most of the time
is spent uploading and unpacking the zip. I should consider creating dynamically linked go

Python runtimes are slow, and this is not a surprise, I will try to migrate them to actionloop.
Ruby also is pretty slow and a migration should be considered. Actionloop is the faster on
execution for go, very close to the fastest nodejs. 

I can contribute the benchmarks to the repo devtools if interested.

  Michele Sciabarra

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