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From Tyson Norris <>
Subject Re: Travis problem with runtime-docker
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2018 23:15:36 GMT
Finally tested docker-machine and see the diff with docker-machine vs docker for mac; same
test running on my local mac, fails in one but not the other. Closing that PR for now, guessing
this may be a subtle diff in the docker daemon version - at least the working version is in
main branch already, so my PR is not needed...

On 10/1/18, 5:12 PM, "Tyson Norris" <> wrote:

    Of course I just noticed when the `./gradlew install` is fast, is because the openwhisk/tools/travis/
script does ./gradlew :tests:compileTestScala, which is indeed much slower. 
    I also noticed the gradle versions are different between main repo and runtime-docker,
so will try out updating runtime-docker to same gradle version...
    On 10/1/18, 4:45 PM, "Tyson Norris" <> wrote:
        Hi –
        I’m troubleshooting a problem with this PR build [1] where a test fails due to a
difference in exception handling between akka http client (now used in runtime test base class),
and apache http client. This change was merged to OW master some time ago in [2].
        The problem I’m having is that the builds and test work great locally. The travis
build is behaving as if the tests base classes (built by cloning incubator-openwhisk, and
running `./gradlew install`) are not installed fresh each build, but I cannot see anywhere
in travis config or build scripts where they might be cached. One reason I suspect cacheing
(aside from the build failing) is that the elapsed time spent in `./gradlew install` is 15s
in travis – this is way faster than I ever see running the same on a clean system locally.
        Any ideas?

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