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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject Re: Interpretation of "main" for GoLang and ActionLoop docker images
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2018 10:36:35 GMT
Yes the issues are there. But it is still confusing the current way it handles the main in
a source zip.
It requires you have a file named "main" (lower case) without .go extension, ( while other
files are WITH extension) and a main function that is called Main (capitalized). 

Too complex. I want to remove at all the "main" file requirement (not necessary) and use the
name of the function to point the main function, whenever it is. 

  Michele Sciabarra

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From: Carlos Santana <>
Subject: Re: Interpretation of "main" for GoLang and ActionLoop docker images
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018 16:22:23 -0400


I have being using the runtime this week and looks very good.

Based on my findings and as discuss in Slack I think all the changes are
captured as issues in the repo, if any are missing please open issues to

In addition of having the compiler out of the box which I think is great, I
think we need a docs on how to setup a local dev, like having a VSCode and
have tests file that can run the function without having a main.main
defined this was an area I was confuse since I usually have a main function
to run my go code.

— Carlos

On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 4:03 AM Michele Sciabarra <>

> Hello all,
> I need to discuss my plan for simplifying rules for interpreting "main"
> for Golang.
> The rules I have used for interpreting the "main" parameter in wsk turned
> out to be a bit confusing, so I plan to make them simpler. This is what I
> plan to implement, please confirm it is fine OR tell me if there is
> something I should change. The text below will go in documentation if it is
> ok.
> ----
> There are  4 cases to send input to the runtime:
> 1. Sending a precompiled binary, specifying  a main function
> 2. Sending a zip file including a binary
> 3. Sending a single source file
> 4. Sending a zip file with multiple sources.
> Case 1: Sending a precompiled binary, specifying the main function
> In this case, the main function will be ignored.
> Case 2: sending zip file including a precompiled binary
> In this case, the main function will be the name of the file in the zip
> Case 3: sending a source action
> In this case, the main function will point to the CAPITALIZED function in
> package main.
> I need this capitalization because in Go I cannot use main.main because it
> is reserved and I use it for the bootstrap code.
> Example: -main "main" => Main function is "main.Main",
> -main hello,  main function will be "main.Hello".
> Also if I use -main Hello it will be "main.Hello".
> Case4: sending a zip with source actions. Here is where the current rules
> turned out to be very confusing. So I am going to simplify this way:
> You can upload all the files you want in your zip file, they must all have
> .go extension and they will be compiled. You must NOT have a main.main
> function as this will be provided by the runtime. The name of the main
> function will be interpreted as in 3: -main main (or default) => main.Main
> , -main hello => main.Hello
> Compiler:
> The go runtime provides also a compiler to "precompile" the actions.
> Using the compiler you can run the actions with just the generic
> "actionloop" container, smaller since there is no go compiler in it
> The compiler must be fed either a source file as in Case 3 or  a zip file
> conforming the Case 4 and will always produce a ZIP file containing a
> binary according to case 2.
> So it will be somewhat like this:
> To compile:
> zip - -r * | docker -i openwhisk/actionloop-golang-v1.11 -compile main
> >
> this will compile the sources expecting a main.Main function and will
> produce a zip file with a  main.
> This can be deployed with:
>  wsk update action golang-action -docker opewhisk/actionloop
> Example using a different name:
> If you want to use "hello" you can use:
> zip - -r * | docker -i openwhisk/actionloop-golang-v1.11 -compile hello
> >
> This will look for a function main.Hello in the sources, and will produce
> a zip file with a hello file.
> This will have to be deployed as:
> wsk update action golang-action  -main hello -docker
> opewhisk/actionloop
> ---
> Thoughts?
> --
>   Michele Sciabarra
Carlos Santana

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