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From Rodric Rabbah <>
Subject Re: Proposal to Remove Artifact Store Polling for Blocking Invocations
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:34:32 GMT
Thanks James for the explanation and patches. It sounds like there should be two separate PRs,
one to address the bug and the other to remove polling. What do you think?


> On Sep 21, 2018, at 1:09 PM, James W Dubee <> wrote:
> Hello OpenWhisk developers,
> When a blocking action is invoked, the controller waits for that action's
> response from the invoker and also polls the artifact store for the same
> response. Usually blocking invocation responses are obtained from the
> invoker. However, there are instances when the invocation response is
> retrieved from the artifact store instead. From observation, the most
> likely scenario for a blocking activation to be retrieve from the artifact
> store is when an action generates a response that exceeds the maximum
> allowed Kafka message size for the "completed" topic. However, this
> situation should not occur as large action responses are meant to be
> truncated by the invoker to the allowed maximum Kafka message size for the
> corresponding topic.
> Currently artifact store polling for activation records is masking a bug
> involving large action responses. While OpenWhisk provides a configuration
> value, whisk.activation.payload.max, for what one would assume would allow
> for adjustments to be made to the maximum activation record size, this
> configuration value only adjusts the Kafka topic that is used to schedule
> actions for invocation. Instead the Kafka topic used to communicate the
> completion of an action always uses the default value for
> KAFKA_MESSAGE_MAX_BYTES, which is ~1MB. Additionally, the invoker truncates
> action responses to the whisk.activation.payload.max value even though
> whisk.activation.payload.max is not being applied properly to the
> "completed" Kafka topic. More over, this truncation does not account for
> data added to the action response by the Kafka producer during
> serialization, so an action response may fail to be sent to the "completed"
> topic even if its actual action response size adheres to the topic's size
> limitations. As a result, any action response plus the size of
> serialization done by the Kafka producer that exceeds ~1MB will be
> retrieved via artifact store polling.
> Performance degradation appears to occur when an activation recorded is
> retrieved via artifact store polling. Artifact store polling occurs every
> 15 seconds for a blocking invocation. Since the response of an action that
> generates a payload greater than ~1MB can not be sent through the
> "completed" Kafka topic, that action's activation record must be retrieved
> via polling. Even though such an action may complete in milliseconds, the
> end user will not get back the activation response for at least 15 seconds
> due to the polling logic in the controller.
> I have submitted a pull request to remove the polling mechanism and also
> fix the large action response bug. The pull request can be found here:
> Regards,
> James Dubee

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