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From "Vincent S Hou" <>
Subject [DISCUSSION]: Proposing to use 1.12.0 as the version for all runtimes for the first-time release under Apache
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2018 15:40:33 GMT
Hi OpenWhiskers,

We are on our way to release OpenWhisk runtimes under Apache for the first time. As you may
notice or not, each individual runtime repository has already used
its own version numbers as the build tag for quite a while. In order not to disrupt the current
versioning number and also accommodating the release work under Apache, I would like to propose
1.12.0 as the version number for the first time we release the six runtimes under Apache,
because this version number is the minimum
nominator I find for all the runtimes so far.

We now have following runtimes, which have already released with their version numbers:
docker skeleton v1.3.3
python2 v1.0.3
python3 v.1.0.3
node8 v1.12.0
node6 v1.12.0
php7.2 v1.0.2
swift4.1 v1.0.8
java8 v1.1.2

I think 1.12.0 can match them all, and then use it as a common ground to move on with further
version numbers. I would like to hear your comments.
If no objection is heard, I will move on with 1.12.0 for the runtimes to be released under
Apache for the first time. 

Best wishes,
Vincent Hou

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