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From "Markus Thoemmes" <>
Subject Re: Concurrency in invoker http client
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2018 00:21:12 GMT
Hi Tyson,

Chetan solved a similar problem in "inlineOrAttach" in "AttachmentSupport.scala". He did this
by continuously running a stream through "prefixAndTail", where he'd pick just one element
and then run the stream to check whether he already crossed the limit.

This case now is a lot more performance critical, so I propose we add a "prefixAndTailWeighted"
stage, which runs similar to "prefixAndTail" but weighs the inputs by their siuze so you can
define how much you actually want to consume in bytes. You can then run the "tail" stream
to an ignore Sink. Further, I'd propose to implement a "quick path" (like there is on in the
current HttpUtils), which checks the "Content-Length" field of the response and just consumes
the whole stream into a string if it's safe to do so to only use this special method on the
truncation path.

As a more general, existential question: Do we even need the truncation path? Could we just
deny the response straight away if the user's action returns a bigger value than allowed?

Hope this helps


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