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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject MiniWhisk: what you think?
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2018 14:56:22 GMT
Hello,  in the process of developing some examples for the goproxy, I realized I want a tool
to make easier developing go actions locally. While it is generally acceptable to deploy your
actions straight to the IBM Cloud for example when you code in Javascript (or Python) it is
less desiderable for Go because compilation time in the cloud is not so fast as it is when
compiled locally, and you have the additional time of uploading a binary that is generally
bigger than javascript actions.

SO I ended up with this idea of the "miniwhisk". I am posting here to see if  it is acceptable
or... there are better solutions.

My idea of the miniwhisk is a "single action " executor. It should work more or less this

$ miniwhisk /path/of/action  -runtime openwhisk/actionloop-go-v1.10:master  -watch *.go -build
make -action demo

This command will launch the runtime "openwhisk/actionloop-go-v1.10:master"  using docker
run, then will watch the files specified with "-w". When a file changes, it will execute the
build command (-build) and then execute and "init" of the action runtime, post the action
to the runtime as an init.

Additional (and most importantly) it starts a webserver that will listen to /path/of/action
for GET and POST and will then translate requests in appropriate /run posts for the runtime.

Basically it is a tool to develop an action in go locally simulating what would happen when
run in the real OpenWhisk.

How does sound the idea? Is it worth the effort?

  Michele Sciabarra

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