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From Martin Gencur <>
Subject Re: Proposal on a future architecture of OpenWhisk
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 12:16:25 GMT
Hi Markus,
thinking about scalability and the edge case. When there are not enough 
containers and new controllers are being created, and all of them 
redirect traffic to the controllers with containers, doesn't it mean 
overloading the available containers a lot? I'm curious how we throttle 
the traffic in this case.

I guess the other approach would be to block creating new controllers 
when there are no containers available as long as we don't want to 
overload the existing containers. And keep the overflowing workload in 
Kafka as well.

Martin Gencur
QE, Red Hat

On 13.7.2018 19:29, Markus Thoemmes wrote:
> Hello OpenWhiskers,
> I just published a proposal on a potential future architecture for OpenWhisk that aligns
deployments with and without an underlying container orchestrator like Mesos or Kubernetes.
It also incooperates some of the proposals that are already out there and tries to give a
holistic view of where we want OpenWhisk to go to in the near future. It's designed to keep
the APIs stable but is very invasive in its changes under the hood.
> This proposal is the outcome of a lot of discussions with fellow colleagues and community
members. It is based on experience with the problems the current architecture has. Moreover
it aims to remove friction with the deployment topologies on top of a container orchestrator.
> Feedback is very very very welcome! The proposal has some gaps and generally does not
go into much detail implementationwise. I'd love to see all those gaps filled by the community!
> Find the proposal here:
> Cheers,
> Markus

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