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From Michael Marth <>
Subject Re: MiniWhisk: what you think?
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2018 05:39:30 GMT

(obviously does not cover your Go use case - but since you asked what else is around...)


On 27.07.18, 00:46, "Michele Sciabarra" <> wrote:

    Indeed after thinking about my idea was to try to extend the
    to serve urls, and add a —watch feature so if files are modified then
    they are zipped and sent to the runtime as /init. Since the go runtime
    compiles already I think it is better to leave the compilation to the
    runtime. Another interesting feature of the goproxy is that it supports
    the “unnecessary” multiple initializations so it should ne able to do
    incremental compilation at least for go code.Another interesting feature that I am ‘stealing’
from the openwhisk
    shell is support for debuggers. I will try to make available delve if I
    can. I suppose it is just enough to be able to run the  client
    executable with delve and expose the debugger port.  I think the
    openwhisk shell is awesome for node but I want something specific for go
    that works with vscode, and let me run tests on the code as I develop
    it. And also the go debugger now.I plan to write the miniwhisk for now in Python, as part
of the examples
    for go. Then eventually rewrite it in go if it proves interesting enough
    to became a standalone tool.
      Michele Sciabarra
    On Thu, Jul 26, 2018, at 8:54 PM, Rodric Rabbah wrote:
    > > My approach was to implement the OpenWhisk platform API
    > > using a stub server that would execute the actions using Docker in
    > > the host> > system.
    > You really don’t need this though - look at the
    > script. That> is enough IMO, either extending that or copying that into a new
    > executable (go or node).
    > -r

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