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From "Markus Thoemmes" <>
Subject Recover image pulls by trying to run the container anyways.
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2018 11:35:24 GMT
Dear OpenWhiskers,

when using Blackbox actions, whenever OpenWhisk creates a new container "docker pull" is executed
to get the image for that container explicitly. It's implemented that way to guarantee new
containers are always on the latest code-state that was pushed to Dockerhub.

Now for rapid prototyping that is a nice feature, for production workloads it might not be.
Essentially this means that your production workload is now dependend on Dockerhub being up
and running fine, even though your images might already have been pulled to all invoker machines

I therefore propose the following behavioral change:

1. Iff the user specifies "latest" as the image tag explicitly (or implicitly by not specifying
a tag at all), the behavior will stay the same as above. If "docker pull" fails, the whole
container bringup process fails and the user is given an error. That ensures, that for these
workloads (which I consider development/prototyping) workloads, the user can deterministically
know, that after an action update, each cold-start contains the very latest image or errors
2. For all actions with a tag different than "latest", they are considered production workloads.
It is considered best-practice to not use "latest" for production images and expected that
the user versions their images through the tags. OpenWhisk will still try to pull each time
it creates a new container, for good measure. If the pull fails, the system will still try
to "docker run" the container. If an image with that tag is already available locally, it
will be picked up and the action runs just fine. This does not guarantee the latest code-state
under all circumstances, but it's much more stable for applications in production.

An implementation of the proposal can be found here:

Feedback is very welcome :)


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