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From "David P Grove" <>
Subject Re: Asynchronous communications (was: Please review our project's draft...)
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2018 14:05:37 GMT

Bertrand Delacretaz <> wrote on 06/06/2018 09:32:09

> > ...Would it be worth adding the growth of the
> > Slack community? We're ~800 members and it is really active....
> With my incubation mentor hat on: enthusiasm for the the project is
> fantastic news, but Apache projects should do their business on
> asynchronous channels, and I don't consider Slack to be one (*)
> OpenWhisk is not the only ASF project to be working in this mode and
> finding a way to reconcile this with the ASF's asynchronous
> communications principles might be a good example for other projects.
> Barring "move everything to the dev list" which wouldn't be popular,
> do people have suggestions on how to improve this? Weekly news that
> point to important places (PRs etc.) where things are happening so
> people can catch up? Guidelines on how to use the various channels?
> Something else?
> I understand this is not a big problem now if many OpenWhisk
> committers are working full-time on the project, but as it evolves I
> suppose the number of full-time contributors will go down. And the
> Apache model requires providing full support to part-time folks as
> well, so this needs to be improved.
> -Bertrand
> (*) because it's impossible to catch up there if you come back from a
> week-long absence, for example

I think the main problem is the limitations of using a "free" slack team,
so there is very limited history.

Professionally, I'm on several Slack teams that are paid (unlimited
history) and I personally find it _much_ easier to catch up with and
understand multiple weeks of technical conversation in a properly focused
Slack channel than multiple weeks of email chains sent to a single dev

I'd suggest that perhaps the ASF should be considering how to adapt and
support this style of communication in a way that meets its broader
objectives for project organization.  For example, arrange for paid Slack
teams for its projects that would not have history limitations. Things like
Slack are not going to go away.



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