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From Rob Allen <>
Subject Re: Asynchronous communications (was: Please review our project's draft...)
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2018 16:17:22 GMT

> On 6 Jun 2018, at 15:30, Rodric Rabbah <> wrote:
> Re slack... good discipline on our part does make it easier to catch up
> even after hundreds of messages are posted. We do try to organize
> discussions using slack threads so that it is easier to follow a particular
> topic. This doesn't always happen and as I noted, requires good habits.

I'm one of those who is particularly poor at threads as they are a significantly more effort
to create and read than just talking in channel when you're a keyboard-centric user. Sorry.

It may be worth having some sort of document noting how to use the OpenWhisk Slack if there
are practices that make it better.

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