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From "Markus Thoemmes" <>
Subject Re: Possible enhancements around attachment handling
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2018 11:12:18 GMT
Hi Chetan,

thanks a lot for capturing this. It's about time we get streaming for the action code!

One comment to C: That'd put the "burden" of downloading the action code into each and every
runtime, right? Do you think that is necessary? We could keep the notion of the ArtifactStore
as of today and just proxy the TCP stream through the invoker (which has credentials and everything)
into the runtime itself.

Benefits from my PoV:
- No needed change to the runtimes at all.
- Credential handling doesn't need to rely on the ObjectStore provider's featureset (as in:
signed URLs)
- The invoker can potentially "deduplicate"/cache multiple calls. Under a burst for example
it'd be neat if we only needed to download the code once per invoker

What do you think?

Other than that: Go for it!


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