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From Michael Marth <>
Subject Re: Using bash-based actions
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 08:53:07 GMT
Hi Erez,

Fwiw some issues on bash support with more info:


On 04/03/18 13:00, "Carlos Santana" <> wrote:

    Hi Herez
    Perl and Bash Actions are supported is just that we need to improve the
    documentation to make it more explicit I’m working on improving docker
    Actions documentation this week :-)
    Try this:
    wsk action update fooBash —native
    wsk action update fooPerl —native
    It can be any script file the action will chmod +x and then executed.
    For the second question I don’t know what you mean for logs.
    Any text to stdout and stderr before the last line with the json string
    result are capture in te logs in the activation record
    Fell free to open an issue with more info on how to reproduce your problem.
    — Carlos
    PS: my employer is also IBM. :-)
    On Sun, Mar 4, 2018 at 5:56 AM Erez Hadad <> wrote:
    > Hi folks,
    > I'm working with technical people from different organizations outside my
    > employer (IBM), and we're testing OpenWhisk as a mechanism for integrating
    > our different tools and services into a single heterogeneous event-driven
    > programming model.
    > On the face of it, OW seems like a great fit.
    > However, when it comes down to implementation, we often hit a case where
    > the easiest way to delegate action execution to a custom tool is by
    > writing a simple bash script. This is where things get complicated.
    > To the best of my understanding (please correct me otherwise), there is no
    > first-class support for bash runtime in OW.
    > So, it's down to creating either a "native" action using a zip, or a
    > custom docker action. Both options are quite more cumbersome than using
    > native runtimes.
    > So this is my first question - would it make sense to have a native bash
    > runtime in OW? especially given that some of the function that OW
    > seemingly provides is glue-code between existing tools and services (where
    > bash also shines).
    > As a second issue, we explored the native action. It seems that output is
    > not captured in the action logs when including ssh calls that invoke bash
    > My second question - does anyone have a different experience with this
    > that they can share? (maybe this problem is not related to OW?)
    > Regards,
    > -- Erez Hadad
    > Erez Hadad, PhD
    > Cloud System Technologies
    > IBM Research - Haifa
    > email:
    > phone: +972-4-829-6509

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