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From Kumar Subramanian <>
Subject Install Api Gateway in dcos
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2018 01:27:32 GMT
I am trying to install OpenWhisk on Mesos Cluster.

I followed the steps described at

Steps Completed:

  1.  In the universe home directory, run command ./scripts/
  2.  Upload /target/repo-up-to-1.8.json to a host service (e.g. AWS S3)
     *   Make sure Content-Type = application/vnd.dcos.universe.repo+json in the file's headers.
  3.  In DC/OS admin console, under System > Overview > Repositories, add the link to
the new repository.

Note: I’ve attached the repository file repo-uo-to-1.8.json.


  1.  I added the repository to dcos
  2.  Installed redis successfully.
     *   Container port : 6379
     *   Host: <host_ip>
     *   Ports: 3774
  3.  Then I tried to install api gateway package (default settings – mentioned below)

Stage I am stuck at:

  1.  Api Gateway Installation
     *   Environment: MarathonHost: http://marathon.mesos:8080

What’s happening? The (api gateway) service status shows waiting and there are no logs;
nothing getting deployed also.


  1.  Why is it stuck and not even getting deployed?
  2.  How can I debug
  3.  Where can I look for logs
  4.  Is there anything wrong with my settings for api-gateway(from json file attached)?
  5.  Is there anything else that needs to be installed?

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